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Scottish Lass Spills the Beans!


Scottish Lass shares her responses to my interview. SL is frank & friendly, a blogger who shares her experiences regarding her BDSM lifestyle on Sex and Spanx. She hasn’t been on the blogging scene very long, so here’s a great opportunity to learn a little more about her origins and preferences. Get comfortable, she’s going to spill the beans about blogging.

To introduce yourself, please tell us one possession which you treasured as a child (0-10)

I used to have this blue embroidered lace heart pillow that I can’t remember where I got it but it was the first comforting thing I can remember being drawn to. If I was sad or scared I would hold onto this pillow. I slept with it on my bed for years, falling asleep holding onto the lace trim around it. I think it was more the tactile sensation rather than specifically something embroidered. When my parents split I have no idea where it went but it wasn’t in the black bag we left the house with which is ironically when I could have used it more. I think that’s why I have such an obsession with fleece blankets now. It’s another tactile sensation and I find it comforting.

Describe your blog using 3 words:  Kinky, Honest, Raw

Could you expand your description a little:

I started the blog last year after I decided I wanted to leave behind the vanilla life and start to explore the world of BDSM. It was a way to document my journey, almost like a diary and to discuss things that I didn’t have people in my real life to talk to. From there it’s gone on to be a real raw look at myself, my kinks, my mental health and how I live my life within the kink world.

Is this your first attempt / foray into blogging? What attracted you to the genre of blog you’ve chosen? 

Actually no. I have another blog that I made quite successful but it’s vastly different from Sex and Spanx. I chose the topic of sex and my mental health as I want to be able to be open and honest in a way I can’t on my other blog. There are so many stigmas around both subjects too which drives me mad, so I’m more that happy to share my experiences to help others fell less alone. 

What 3 keywords do you use when you’re looking for kinky inspiration?

Interesting, factual, helpful 

If you were stranded on a desert island (with no power issues) name 3 things you would want to have with you (for instance kinky accessory / partner / book / film)

Hmmm that’s a difficult one. As I’m a mum I would want my kid with me but at the same time a teen without internet access would have me banging my head off a tree. 

Instead I might treat it as an adult only holiday which means I would want to have my Dom (Daddy), my kindle and my blanket. Oh the naughty things we could get up to 🙂

You’re in a drag or burlesque act – what’s your stage name? 

Miss Melancholy – would be a very gothic, Tim Burton-esque performance.

Which do you think evokes stronger memories – music or smell?
Please share an anecdote:

Definitely music for me. I can hear a piece of music that will bring be right back emotionally to a time before when I heard it. One big one for me is Tribute by Tenacious D. When I hear that I instantly think of my mum taking me for my first job interview at 15 and that she wouldn’t let me out the car till we sang that song at the top of our lungs to psych myself up. I got the job and from then on I have listened to that song before every job interview or big test/assessment as it takes me back to that day in her car and makes me feel like I can take on the world.

You can invite anyone (dead or alive) round for dinner; name 5 guests and tell us why

  • My gran who passed away in December cause I miss her like mad. 

  • My papa who passed away when I was 12 as I was so close to him and I want to see him again and tell him all about my life now.

  • Daddy so he can meet two of the people who influenced me most in my life.

  • My son so he can meet my papa (I know they would get on as my kid is so similar to him).

  • My mum so she can have dinner with her mum one last time.

Have you ever done something sexual in a public place? Spill!  If you don’t have a personal anecdote you can “tell us about a friend!’ 

I have. I was out with Daddy and was wearing a plug. That in and of itself was hot but as we had been playing all morning before hand I was incredibly turned on and he was whispering naughty things in my ear the whole time while occasionally touching me as he walked past. I ended up having an orgasm or 2 while we were shopping. I almost bit my lip off to keep from moaning and was very aware my face was flustered. He was hard the whole time which just turned me on more.

Now you are a blogger, what’s your ‘go to site’? What draws you to it? 

I literally have a go to site as much as I have people I follow on Twitter and Tik Tok that I check in on regularly. I do like to go to “Tell me about” and “4 thoughts or fiction” as they do regular prompts that I join in with and I like to read other people’s submissions to the prompts. It’s interesting to see how everyone explores their kinks. I’ve also learned so much about new elements of BDSM from other people’s experiences ,which gave me a jumping off point to explore for myself.

Quick Fire questions:

Temperature or Impact Play – impact

Chocolate or alcohol – chocolate

Professional porn or amateur (genuine porn) – amateur

Stinging nettles or brambles – brambles

Quickie or sleepy sex – sleepy

Coffee or tea – tea

Play sport or watch sport? – neither

How do you see your blog progressing – hopes and dreams?

I’ve not really thought about that with this blog. As it’s more of a personal experience one I don’t see it becoming a source of income, however I would like to explore more aspects of BDSM, share experiences and learn from others. If people can learn something new from my blog that helps them feel good, or if they read about my experiences, perhaps with mental health and feel less alone, then I will consider my blog a success and I’ll be a happy lass.

You’ve been so generous to share, let me return the favour. Tell me a “tool/aspect of blogging” about which you need a better grasp. 

I’ll provide some information and bloggers reading this can add input via the comments.

How do you all take such amazing photos for your blogs? I just use stock for now but wanna branch into my own photography but I have no idea where to begin to make it look good.

Posy: I am not the most prolific photograph taker/sharer, so I hope you’ll get answers from others! With my phone camera I have progressed from a selfie-stick to using a little stand and the timer. Pixlr is great to edit my photos with frames and effects, I play around with the colours and tones, add text and blur things out.

I’m delighted that Scottish Lass felt able to spill the beans, and in the spirit of sharing and supporting, it would be great if you’d visit her blog or interact with her on Twitter: @scottishlasssub.

She is also judging the #4ThoughtsorFiction meme, having set the prompt of Kink Vs Fetish. Why not hop on over to read what others have linked / shared.

9 thoughts on “Scottish Lass Spills the Beans!”

  1. I really liked reading this interview, Scottish Lass sounds so honest and friendly. I can totally get the Tribute singing in the car thing.

    As for photos I think it’s just a case of putting yourself out there. People are really friendly and supportive and it doesn’t matter how good or bad you think you are, the feedback and support is what makes it a worthwhile experience.

    1. Thanks for commenting PS – You’re right, there’s a lot of positive affirmation to be had when you’re brave enough to share photos, and that goes a long way. It also personalises your blog in the best way possible.

  2. Fun to meet you, SL. Nosy Posy always asks such interesting questions, doesn’t she? Enjoyed your responses, and the best way to take photos is to get yourself an iPhone, a little tripod and have fun. I’ll look for your blog… and photos.

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  5. Perhaps Posy is right, nothing makes a blog as individual as personal photos of the author. It is these photos that are most relevant to the topic and idea of a particular post.

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