Older Woman, Younger Man (2) – in Which They Get Naked

My Guest Writer – Canadian Erotica continues his story about Alanna, an older woman with whom he flirts. Here we learn her reaction to his ‘naked in the garden’ fantasy. 

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“Ok. Let’s talk about this”. She pulled away, but grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. 

I expected we would sit in the living room, or the garden, but she kept on going, down steps to the lower end of the house, where the kitchen and her bedroom was, I’d never been inside before.

She led me in, pulling me over to her bed. It was large, a king size, with a rough-hewn piece of wood as the headboard, and a large blanket on the diagonal over her duvet. She kicked off her shoes, and then crawled on top, where she lay on her side, looking at me. She patted the adjacent space on the bed. 

“Come talk to me”.

I joined her, also lying on my side, about a foot from her. We lightly touched fingers and played with each other’s hand. 

“Yes, I meant it”. I smiled, and tried not to blush (although of course I did).

Alanna took charge, as she often did. And, frankly, I didn’t want to push things, so was quite happy for her to decide what to do next. She told me to grab some beers from the kitchen, and some towels from the linen closet, then take off everything except my boxers. I was to set everything up outside, and she’d join me. 

I over-eagerly bounded from the bed (as she told me later), gathering everything as instructed. I had been dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, boxers and birkenstocks, so it didn’t take me very long to get naked. It was still very hot when I got outside into the garden, so I selected the side where we’d be mostly in the shade, with good views of the river. I placed the deck chairs next to each other. The garden had a section of bushes creating a kind of barrier between Alanna’s bedroom and where I put the chairs.

I lay down on the towel, crossed my arms behind my head, closing my eyes to bask in the sun. It was only a few moments until Alanna came out to join me, I had been straining to hear her footsteps in the grass.

“Don’t open your eyes, not yet.” I heard her drag her chair so it was actually touching mine – I had laid them about two feet apart. “If we’re going to do this, we need to be close enough to touch. I’m surprised you brought both over”.

I rolled towards her voice, my eyes still shut. I knew she wasn’t lying on her chair, she must be standing next to it.

“Okay. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah.” My pulse drummed in my ears. “I’ve been thinking about it … well for a while”.

“Okay. Then you can open your eyes”

I was still wearing my boxers as she’d asked, but Alanna had changed completely. She was wearing a long, very sheer silk robe, tied loosely at the waist, and a pair of tall espadrille wedges, d’orsay, black with an ankle strap. I knew she had bought them a couple of weeks before, we had gone shopping to buy things for her trip. I had fantasized about them on a number of occasions, including the day before. She had told me about the robe, she often told me about exes who had bought her lingerie and various gifts, which she still had.

“I thought we’d start like this. Partially because of the tease… and partly because it might be fun for us to take off the last things together”. 

Alanna lay down on her deckchair, the robe draping, and took her beer from me. Looking pointedly at the distance between us, she crooked her finger. “If you want, you can come closer”.

Underneath the robe, she was totally naked and it was everything that I had dreamed about and nothing like, at the same time. I had definitely had started to identify a certain aesthetic that for me was the ideal older woman, but to be honest I didn’t realize until writing this now how much Alanna influenced that development. She was taller than me, just, although I loved it when she wore heels (which she rarely did). Curvy. I’ve always appreciated more buxom women. 

Alanna’s breasts were perfect. Large, round, and rather lower set on her chest than one might have expected from what she usually wore (she had excellent and gorgeous bras). Oval aereolas, taller than they were wide, and both slightly at an angle. Her body was right and perfect, and gorgeous. I loved the way that her breasts hung while she lay on her side, looking at me. I was transfixed.

She chuckled and I blushed. We opened our beers, and we talked for a while about her trip. She asked about a date that I had gone on. I always appreciated her asking lots of questions about dates, because I felt intensely curious about her dates and her sex life. When our beers were drunk the conversation sort of ground to a halt. She asked another question, and I answered it, then our eyes met. Her gaze was level.

I honestly couldn’t say how long she’d been watching me, because I hadn’t been looking at her face. I was admiring her body, every inch and angle that I could without moving so much that she’d notice. Of course she did notice. Not just my gaze, but my hardening cock, and the dark spot slowly growing on my boxers from my precum.

“Is this what you had in mind, when you thought about us being naked together in my back garden?”

I just nodded. She gently used a finger to cause a ripple in the hem of her gown. “Really, this was it? Things didn’t go any further?”

I looked up at her, finally meeting her eyes. She wasn’t teasing me, she was earnestly curious and a bit quizzical. “No, I thought about other things too.”

“Just now, or before as well?”

“Definitely before. Since Choir tour”.

“Have you thought about us in the garden naked, or just fantasized about me?”

“Fantasizing… thinking about us together in the garden ever since I moved into my apartment” I flapped my hand, vaguely in the direction of my building.

“I guessed you might have. Would you be comfortable if we took this to the next step?”

“What is the next step?”

“I’ll take off my robe, and you can take off your boxers.”

“Okay. I’d like that.”

“Do you want me to keep my shoes on? I thought you might like them”

I nodded. Alanna reached over, and gently lifted my chin so that I was looking at her.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable doing this? I don’t want to mess anything up. I’m not going to leave the choir, I’m not giving things up.” She was firm, determined.

“Yes, I do”. 

She stood up, undid her robe and set it on the end of her lounger. I was, much less dignified, I simply rolled onto my back, pushed my boxers down with both hands, and left them on the chair by my feet. Alanna lay back down, slightly further away than she was before. She looked at me, smiling slightly. I was grinning like somebody whose dream had come true.

“What comes next?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not sure. You know I don’t plan my fantasies out as detailed as you”. She reached to tap me on the nose. “But, we don’t have to rush. Let’s get comfortable with this first.” she moved back on her lounger. “Come join me, please? We can talk, if we want, or just relax.”

So I did, and we spent the first while facing each other, my upper hand on her hip, and her upper hand on my leg. At first we didn’t talk about sex, but we did later. Alanna enjoyed watching my cock get harder (she teased me gently when it got softer again.. though never for very long). 

I loved watching her nipples get harder, and the way she squirmed slightly, and got wet as we talked about the various fantasies I’d had. (Not all of them, but a few.)

We got hungry, made dinner, and then afterwards she put back on her robe back on, and offered me a lightweight one. The night ended with us cuddling and watching a movie  together, then I got dressed and returned to my apartment.

[To be continued …]

This post is submitted for #The Erotic Journal Challenge : Lustful and also for #Snake Den AtoZ : N = Naked

[Image by Jill Wellington – on Pixabay]

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