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Recently I’ve been working on projects for other sites or publications, I also took on a beta read of a friend’s first novel. This has meant that my own blog has been a little underfed in terms of new content. I apologise for that and I appreciate your patience. Let me share a little of what I have been working on and what’s entertained me.


A & P – When P’s date stands her up, something better, more exciting comes along after befriending A who works behind the bar and has been admiring her for a while – find the full adventure which I wrote on FrolicMe – the UK site for home-grown, ethical porn, erotica and sex positive articles – it’s free to read and well worth signing up for more!


I have to rave about this, because I am really invested in the retro tale of school days, the brainchild of @EveRay, on which I am collaborating. I recently shared Chapter 6 which depicts how Delphine spends her Christmas holiday after her first term at St Faith’s. Then Eve takes the story one step further and darker. Chapter 7 gives us more of an idea of the vices Miss Ranson enjoys,. I’m not surprised it’s been picked up in the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday as Eve’s writing is captivating.  This wonderful thought-provoking reminiscence piece is testament to her versatility and skill.


This week  The Safeword Club hosted the July meeting for those who had read our chosen book The Wife Between Us. It’s a psychological thriller which proved very popular, set in New York it turns everything you thought you knew about affairs and scorned wives on its head. If you didn’t manage to join us, you can still read the topics we discussed in the chats – of course we meet in the Library! The next book the group will read and discuss is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. Set in Victorian London, it features crime, intrigue and sapphic love, read it or listen to it and then join us to discuss.


I’ve tried to keep up with reading, and this, a new writer to me, came into my feed, I particularly liked their account of a memorable train journey. I was also fascinated, even though I could not relate, to this recounting by MLSlavePuppet.


After interviewing CharlieX, I was interested to see the varied responses to his prompt The Gaze on 4Thoughts_Feelings, Charlie’s round-up also put forward the idea of a very kinky hotel, which I found quite inspiring.


I have been impressed with the great erotica on Medium, and the MyErotica ‘publication’ on that site, so I was particularly delighted when they decided to publish this new piece of my fiction Risky Business. I’m grateful to several on-line friends whose conversations and blogs fed into this piece of writing, they helped me with it’s authenticity. @more_matters, an author I admire, recently had Summerhouse Surprise posted on MyErotica, we’d be very grateful if you visited to read and give our stories a clap.


It is great to see @Kilted_Wookie back on line. He is hosting a meme entitled The Penis Project, and as someone who occasionally writes about that part of the anatomy (ahem!)) I was happy to link up. I giggled at this contribution by @of_elliott. – please don’t look if you don’t like a dick pic.

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  1. Great to hear you have been up to such exciting things Posy. I love your sharing posts and will go and check out some of the links you have shared which I haven’t read yet. 😊

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