Sweet Surrender


Surrender – a word with so many nuanced meanings. Blogger Marie Rebel posted the prompt:

1a: to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand
surrendered the fort
b: to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favour of another
2a: to give (oneself) up into the power of another especially as a prisoner
b: to give (oneself) over to something (such as an influence)

Merriam Webster

My first thought relating to the word is in its context regarding battle or conflict, where one side / team / competitor yields to bring an end to the competition. The party who surrenders is often thought of as the loser – when in many cases the act/decision is one of self preservation.

A commander who surrenders to a more mighty opponent on realising defeat is unavoidable, is surely hoping their action will avoid unnecessary loss of life in the force under their command.

Another positive spin on surrender is, of course, in  a sexual context. Here the ‘pursuing’ party is successful in persuading the other person to welcome their advances.  Much joy / pleasure will result from lowering defences and ceasing to resist the other’s sexual advances.

I’ve found a few links to my erotic stories which feature some very “hot” surrendering for your delectation. Perhaps the teasers I’ve included will encourage you to follow the hyperlinks to the action in its entirety.

In Trick or Treat Halloween Party [2] I need assistance with my costume but, being dressed as Elvis is no guarantee that Mike behaves like a gentleman!

Mike comes up behind me and I feel his arms resting on the bare skin at my waist.  “Now you just hold your pretty horses,” he nuzzles my neck and the rumble of his voice makes me ticklish, the vibration travels down to my backside, which feels good!
“You’re kinda like a damsel in distress, young Missy.  We don’t want to rush into anything.”  
Mike is stroking up and down my ribs now and his hands travel to my shoulders and along my arms, which are still raised, until he presses my hands against the top shelf, guiding me to grip the edge of it.
“Hold on there li’l lady, let a fella assess the situation.”
While his accent makes me want to giggle, what he is doing with his magic fingers has me tingling all over, he’s stroking me up and down my body, his touch tantalizingly light.  His hands run down past my panties,  then down my legs, made milky and smooth by the white nylon stockings.  He massages my feet one by one, rubbing under the arch, which is deliciously soothing, before putting each foot down spaced quite wide apart.  Then his hands begin a slow ascent upwards, and I hold my breath.  

This tale Chilling me Softly is firmly in the fantasy category. * CW consent is blurred * and the assailant is other-worldly.

“I think you like this” the whispery voice of my assailant was creepy but compelling.  I sucked in musty air with my face forced in the bedding, while my entrance was teased; one, then two fingers sliding insistently in and out of me, my heartbeat kicked up.  
“Who are you?” I gasped.

 “You wouldn’t understand.”

 “What are you going to do to me?”  

 “Nothing you haven’t dreamed of,” came the reply.

 I began to make mewing sounds as the digits swirling around my clit and labia drove me crazy with arousal.  I should have been terrified, I didn’t know who my assailant was or what it’s intentions were, yet I was so turned on I didn’t want the sensations to stop. A third finger was now thrusting in and out of my sopping hole – a cold piston – I loved it.

 Could the creature see into my head?  My fantasies featured reluctance. I wanted to be treated like a slut, handled roughly as if my sexy appeal made my partner lose self-control.  Being held down and the shredding of my tights, a gush of hot excitement had pulsed in my cunt.


In Coitus Interruptus Vampyr , reading to the end to reveals the ultimate surrender. In this snippet a modern girl offers a teasing surrender.

I unclasped the front of my bra, tits springing free. I stroked and cupped, offering them to Brad.

“C’mon big boy, give me all you got!” I met his eyes. Licked my lips while tweaking my nipples.

He moved towards me, his cock glossy from the prophylactic. Bobbing eagerly, it sought my heat and wetness. Brad maneuvered between my spread thighs.

“Are you ready?” we locked eyes.

One arm snaked out, his questing finger slid through the slick on my nether lips.

“Oh, you’re ready,” he smirked with satisfaction.

He pushed the same finger in my mouth, so I sucked it clean. Hollowing my cheeks and clenching my pussy, I wished it was his prick.

With his weight braced, his dick nuzzled against my entrance. He drove it home. My stomach swooped, going down in a fast lift. His phallus spread and stretched me. I loved the friction of it. When his groin ground at me and his balls slapped, I released a gasp of satisfaction.


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  1. Oh, it’s interesting you are naming these different settings of surrendering. They’re ones I hadn’t directly thought of, probably because my head is too present in the submission/kink world lol.

    1. Thanks ML – they were the first that occurred to me, so yes I agree it is fascinating how people come at the same thing from very different directions.

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