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To chat with Vlad on Twitter, as I often do, is to interact with a true gentleman. 


I discovered his sense of humour and adventure, alongside a love of great literature, films and a penchant for good quality whisky (he doesn’t approve of me mixing mediocre scotch with Coke!). Vlad has proven himself to be a true friend, unfortunately over the time I have known him, I’ve had a few troubles. Always available with a listening ear, gentle support or ‘lived through it’ advice, Vlad stands by me and coaxes me forwards.

Vlad is a Dom in the midst of a like-minded writing community, several from his native Canada, some submissive or switchy, most are independent authors. At the end of 2019 he published an anthology Breaking Limits

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Strong women who are not afraid to let go

One story featured is mine, but I highly recommend Vlad’s short story Tequila, for both it’s playful nature and the thrill of the public setting in which a tequila fuelled game of sexy dare plays out. 


Quite early on in our conversations I wanted to read one of Vlad’s novels so he suggested Obliterating the Ordinary.

It features a D/s couple who decide to push some limits in their relationship. Initially telling the story from the Dom’s point of view, the narrative is later taken up by his female submissive Rebecca once a very intense MMMF scene has played out.  

Readers with an interest in group sex, bondage, orgasm control, biting and anal play will find this book a smorgasbord of sensual delights. If like me you’re fascinated by power play, trust, and a Sir who can get inside your head, there is much which entertains in part one and part two. 

Vlad wrote this novel with JS Sontrou, whose voice as Rebecca is as authentic and enthralling as Vlad’s is as her Sir. As a reader I felt her anticipation, building desires and pleasure. Rebecca’s freedom to embrace fetishes and experience complete vulnerability was only restrained by devotion to her master. 

The second ‘act’ of the book delivers quite a twist in both attitude and situation, as Sir and Rebecca deal with the aftermath of how their scene played out. Having both undergone soul searching and pushed limits and reservations to breaking point, will her Sir be comfortable taking things to a level where Rebecca reaches the ultimate level of subspace?

In contrast, Vlad’s novel The One feels more playful.

It introduces us to Candice, a driven female publishing executive who’s left little time in her busy schedule for love or intimacy. Initially she’s not drawn to Damon a successful author of BDSM novels who she meets at a company dinner. 


“His confidence was rather overwhelming and a rather large turnoff, but during the one-on-one banter he had slowly won her over. […] When he engaged you in conversation it was like there was no one else in the room. His focus was that singular.”


Quietly confident, Damon sees right through Candice’s ‘business bitch’ persona. Once he gets her discreetly alone, Damon quickly crumbles her cast iron facade. As the night unfolds, Candice acts out of character and throws herself wide open to new sensations, experiencing burning desires both to submit and to please him.

If you’re curious about a D/s relationship, reading the first book in the series could be a fun way to learn, alongside this total novice Candice. If spanking, birching, breast and foot play in an outdoor setting sound hot, then readers of The One have all these treats and more in store.



The One’s sequel Intimacy has recently been published. I read straight onto book two, eager  to discover more about Candice’s BDSM journey once she had tasted the intense pleasure to be enjoyed by ‘handing over the reins’. 


Intimacy tracks Candice’s journey as a willing submissive, being set tasks by her Sir while learning about the many nuanced shades involved in BDSM. Not every scene is a hardcore test of the limits of her pleasure and pain because this is also a love story. Each scene has both fresh appeal and is a demonstration of the importance of trust in enhanced kinky play.


If you derive reading pleasure from authentically described sex scenes which consist of tease, confinement, orgasm denial, rope play and flogging… Well let me share an excerpt. 


“Please, Sir. Do not hesitate. I am your fuck toy right now, offering my throat to be used and abused.”


Candice felt movement and the tip of his cock on her lips. Unable to move, she did what she could; opened her mouth and waited. When the expectant thrust did not happen she used her tongue to lick the tip and tease it as best she could with limited mobility.


He finally started moving into her mouth, so it was her chance to get busy… so she used her tongue as best she could, swirling it around its girth before sealing her lips around it and sucking hard. She knew he loved that. […] This time he continued to push forward, right into the top of her throat on this, the very thrust.


She gagged hard, as they both knew she would. He removed himself to let her recover, but only for a few seconds before driving into her throat with a touch more force, eliciting another hard gag.

The story in Intimacy culminates in such a way that I’m left hoping for a third book, with a plot twist as teasing and alluring as the sexy “shoe dangle” is to a red-blooded foot fetishist. <wink> If our feisty heroine is getting into hot water, then I will enjoy witnessing her use the new skills in her erotic armoury getting out of it.


For a free taste of Vlad’s fiction writing skills,  visit Eye’s site where he shared a delicious piece of flash fiction Stays in the Room.


To dig into the author’s psyche, you could read this  piece Vlad shared on May More’s Food4Thought feature The Fighter Remains 


Vlad has been a guest on my blog too, sharing his thoughts on writing.  I owe huge thanks to the lady in his life – she persuaded him that writing could be a crutch, a concept that I became aware of when I began creating blog posts and fiction. We can all benefit  from Vlad’s creativity. Face Value and Stockings – Are They a Weapon?


If you are interested in reading more of Vlad’s published work all are available on and

For the month of March 2021 the Book Group that’s hosted by The Safeword D/s Club are reading Vlad’s novel Intimacy, so if we have whetted your appetite, why not read it and join us on April 7 2021 at 9 pm GMT to discuss – you just login and join The Library where we will be virtually ‘chatting’.

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  1. You have made me curious to read more of Vlad’s work – I already have the posts you have recommended on my screen to read later. Thank you for sharing this, Posy, and Vlad, keep on writing 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Oh thanks for reading, I hope you will try Vlad’s books, I think Obliterating The Ordinary might suit you well, let me know.

  2. I can’t wait to dive into One and Intimacy! I’ve read some of Vlad’s shorter stories and find his work sucks me in form the first few words. Also, I feel the Canadian connection. lol
    He has an excellent way of drawing a picture in a “show, don’t tell” way that few master ! Another great review Posy!

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