For the Fun Theme Photo Meme this month, the prompt is Springtime.


Unfortunately this May, I haven’t been out and about on as many walks as usual. I love to witness the tight buds on trees and bushes as they unfurl – looking so soft and green, clearly well nourished by sap.  As summer progresses and the leaves get wider they lose their ‘tender’ appearance, working hard to photosynthesise they also provide more shade.

I’ve noticed the earliest flowers of the year are predominantly white or yellow ones, but as spring starts to take hold the majority of the ground flowers are in shades of blue – such as bluebells, forget-me-nots and speedwell. I live near several wooded areas and it uplifts my spirits when I see the bluebells painting the woodland floor blue.




The Fun Theme Photo Meme

14 thoughts on “Springtime”

  1. I love these images. Bluebells are pretty, and I used to think fairy’s used the flowers as hats and skirts. Thank the ladybird book Thumbelina lol

    Thank you for sharing Posy,

    Sweet x

    1. Ha – me too Sweet! My Granny told me stories that led me to believe these things. Thanks for your support.

    1. Thanks Elliott – I was pleased with the layering I managed, but I need to play about with the effect more. Bluebells grow wild in the UK, I’m not sure we can get them in nurseries either.

  2. What a lovely edit Posy! Looks a little magical, fairy like and certainly brings on the sense of spring. And a lovely picture of the bluebells below. I have a particular liking for bluebells latelt

    1. Hey ML – I’m delighted you felt that – the bluebell picture at the bottom is what is overlaid on my fishnet image, but I had to also share it uncluttered as it was so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Lisa – I’m glad you liked it! I answer to either spelling and also (the popular autocorrect) Post!

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