Sha-la-la-la Sharing!

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Since lockdown began I’ve only created one sharing post – this surreal feeling of all days of the week running into one is not healthy. I support/endorse staying home to save lives, but  different problems are surfacing for many – mental health issues and vitamin D deficiency to name just two.

The upside of lockdown is that many bloggers, writers, photographers have time and energy to channel their creativity for our enjoyment – and enjoy it I do! Being furloughed, I have more time to spend online so I encourage you to visit some of the links from content I’ve enjoyed and discover for yourself. The purpose of the #SoSS posts is to share other people’s sex positive work so feel free to pay it forward by following blogs or commenting on individual posts.


Dishing out a little advice for the over-thinkers, His Lordship counsels wisely against Rumination 


It was no surprise to me that Joseph Wicke‘s fantasy tale advocates the best way to catch a demon is with awesome sex! 


Liam explains a little more about his kinks and the place his friendship with ML has in relation to them

EveRay continues the story of Delphine’s schooldays with a netball lesson with uncomfortable consequences for the protagonist 


Francesca’s escort makes her first time with a client explosive 


A Kinky Wife describes how medication and a health scare negatively impacted her libido  – a topic to which I can relate


In pursuit of defining his sexuality, Lord Raven’s ‘snapshot’:  Being Me carries a cautionary note

Newcomers to the writing (blogging) scene will find McKenna Dean’s life hacks save heartache, but her tips are plenty inspiring and we can all learn

Still on the topic of improving your writing, May More shares great tips 


#CW Toxic relationship, Mental, emotional & physical abuse
Blue bravely discusses an past in which she was unwittingly manipulated 


ML Slavepuppet has a new meme where she demonstrates a new ‘rope tie’ each week, her mermaid’s tail image is lush – using the linky tool you can see how other people got on too


I have so much enthusiasm for CharlieX and the new blog they have created, fascinating, wry text plus stunning photographs


Recently on my Blog I have Posted:

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Nadine Tries Anal Play with her Master which features an adult toy from Best Vibe


Have a lovely weekend y’all and please look out for Delphine’s Schooldays – next installment by me and the imminent return of  Interview a Blogger featuring …

no you’ll have to wait!


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    1. You’re welcome, I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned along the way, as others were so generous when I was just starting out. I’ll be pleased to read that Joseph. x

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