Tracking my Youth

I love music, I listen to it different times and ways. Sometimes I’m in the mood for current music, other times I discover new songs or artists who’re just breaking. I find listening to songs from my past, they take me back to that era. I’m sharing a playlist that is a timeline of my early life.


At breakfast when I was a kid we listened to music on the radio. At weekends, the show was aimed at children. The song I always hoped they would play also made me sad. It’s about my favourite mythical beast – how we have no unicorns because they were too self indulgent to board Noah’s ark. 


I have older siblings. Appreciating the cool music blasting from their bedrooms put me ahead of my friends. School chums were discovering The Glitter Band and Donny Osmond, while I was vicariously listening to David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Roxy Music. I can’t tell which mesmerised me more, Bryan Ferry or his glamorous backing singers on Top of the Pops, which was watched religiously on a Thursday night.


Abba won the Eurovision song contest before I went to boarding school. They began conquering the charts with their harmonious and catchy songs. Unable to listen to music at school (radios were banned), when I came home to find everyone talking about Money Money Money (mistakenly, I thought they meant Liza Minelli’s song in Cabaret). Of all the brilliant Abba songs which peppered my teenage years, that’s my choice.



In an earlier post, I explained how Sunday Girl was a track with which I identified. By the time I was 16 and doing my exams, many new and exciting artists came on my radar: Squeeze, Gary Numan, the Specials. Here’s a favourite – it spoke to me as I teetered on the edge of adulthood, hinting at troubles and joys to come from my blossoming sexuality.



As I studied for my A Levels the new romantics burst onto the scene. Now encouraged to dress very individually, charity shops did a booming trade.  Going out to discos many of us looked as if we’d fallen into a dressing up box! Adam Ant, Marc Almond, Spandau Ballet – each strutted their individual style. I modelled my look on the girls from my next group. I still proudly sing along to this, their biggest hit.


I went to a local college to study office practice, shorthand and typing. While there I started dating a guy who had a car, but no job. At last, my social life had begun, going to pubs  with him, where I met his friends. This song was popular at the time and appropriate, because it’s about happily, easily falling in love.


  • ZoomFat Larry’s Band 


The B/f and I bought a place together, so could no longer afford to go out much. Like a middle aged couple, we watched TV, walked the dogs or visited our parents. After moving to a bigger place, it became clear B/f couldn’t hold down a job, being workshy and mouthy. My job supported us, meaning I couldn’t make those necessary early job hops, to seek something more stimulating, as our mortgage payments depended on my salary.

I felt increasingly down. Then I suspected B/f was playing around, despite being very jealous anytime I talked to other people. I identified with this rocking track, feeling weighed down with responsibilities.

My oldest friend from childhood days was in Australia for a year. He sent me a postcard every couple of months. My depressing relationship gave me a longing to talk, so I sent my old friend a letter pouring my heart out. So began a sporadic, but supportive correspondence. By Christmas, when this melancholy song hit No. 1, I’d decided to take drastic action. I knew my boyfriend would fight my decision to split and try hanging onto the last vestiges of what we had.


Planning how to untangle our lives was hard; No option to move back with my parents, they had retired and moved to another county. This song gave me a push, it’s sentiments motivated me. When my old friend returned from Australia he was my knight in shining armour, helping me finally break away.

So for the timeline style mixtape of my life, that’s volume 1. I hope it included a song or two that you like or remember. Submitted for #MusicallyRanting week 2 Soundtrack of Your Life


14 thoughts on “Tracking my Youth”

  1. Great mixtape Posy! I had to look up the unicorn song as I’ve never heard it and that was a surprise lol. Your path was a great trip through your youth and I’m definitely a fan of Abba and Georgia Satellite. Can’t wait to see what Volume 2 holds.

    1. Thanks Jae – yeah I had to Google the Unicorn song from the words of the chorus! I should get to know Georgia Satellites, only that 1 tune has hit my radar so far.

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  3. I love this journey through your life, Posy, and there’s some new music for me to discover in here… or maybe to re-discover, as I am so bad with remembering names!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thanks for commenting May – yeah it’s a song written about Tony Mortimer’s brother who took his own life, so unsurprisingly poignant.

  4. Yeah gads, Ed Stewpot on Saturday mornings, now that was a very strange mix of Radio 1 meets the Light Program. Now you’ve triggered that memory recall I can hear Max Bygraves with Pink Toothbrush 😱

    Very unusual for me to see a song list and know every one – even the Georgia Satellites. A nice trip down memory lane 🌹

    1. Oh melody, I am so glad someone else listened to that show! Pink Toothbrush featured often, as did Bowie’s ‘Laughing Gnome’ – odd mixture indeed. I am glad you enjoyed the memories triggered by my song list.

      1. More often than not the songs were requested by grandma who obviously had no idea that the little darling was years older than they remembered. Terminal embarrassment across the age gap 😂

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