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I am not maths oriented, I feel mystified, confused and frustrated by numbers and I can neither see the patterns they present nor bend them to my will. It has taken me many years to learn to use Excel with any basic understanding and yet I know people who find joy from creating spreadsheets. When my OH shows me how he puts numbers in and an ‘answer’ comes out – providing a prediction of how much we should budget for a month or the trajectory of savings plus interest into our golden years, I start glazing over and feeling itchy with irritation because I don’t understand.

I know statistics have a value. Where I see and understand them best is reading the analytics of my site. Which stories of mine, aside from whatever is the latest post, are getting most hits? I want to know what draws people to my site, or what topics or tags they frequently use to filter my content.

As a writer, most of my posts have words. Even when I am responding to a prompt which only requires a picture, I accompany the image with words. 


Statistics show that the average time visitors spend on my site is 2.14 minutes, fine for admiring a picture, but not quite long enough to read a post / story. From this information I consider should I make my pieces shorter? Would serialising more of my fiction help? I can make shorter episodes, but will readers engage enough to follow the series to its conclusion? Consider my author’s ego! I want my work to be read to its conclusion.

I get notification when a new person subscribes to my blog, I can see on Twitter when someone follows me, I wish I could get the information on what attracted them so I could ensure I delivered more of ‘that’. Yet, the creative muse is a whimsical thing, I cannot always write to prompt or keep within the confines of specified wordcount. 


Flash fiction which allows 500 words I can manage, keeping it under 100, while creating a whole story is tough! If you follow the Smut Marathon you’ll see how being unable to fit a story within such confines weeds people out. Contributors to ‘Story in 12’ (a hashtag on Twitter) I salute these guys.


Here are [Statistically] the Top Posts on my blog this week:

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15 thoughts on “Statistics – Searching for the Trends”

  1. You do a much better job of analyzing your stats than I do. Funny enough, I love my spreadsheets, and I love doing the Wicked Wednesday stats, reflecting people’s work back to them, but I never analyze my own stats. I might just have to change that in future…
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I know you love your spreadsheets Marie – I felt you’d be reading my irrational fear of them and shaking your head! My OH has a spreadsheet for everything!

  2. I recognize that you are not asking for assistance or advice, so please just consider this sharing information:

    I wrote a post A while back about how to use the kind of “popular posts” info you have gleaned for yourself, in the interest of creating new content of the variety that readers already show they like. It’s here, if you’re interested:

    Also — and again, this is not advice! — if you have “time” statistics, as you say (how many minutes someone spends on your blog), then it might be interesting to compare that stat to how long it takes to read one of your top posts. If the times match, that’s your sweet spot. If not, that’s your adjustment/modification/wiggle-room. 🙂

    [Numbers are okay in their own right, but it’s much more fun – for me – to figure out what to *do* with them.] 😉

    1. Thank you Mrs F – that information/advice sounds useful and interesting, I shall read it and take appropriate actions. I’m always appreciative of your feedback, this is particularly helpful.

  3. I admit to being very lazy when it comes to stats, I suppose I would be upset if noone read my blog, but I have a steady stream of visitors and I’m content with that. Your blog is one I always like to read 😊😊

    Take care,

    Sweet x

    1. Thanks for saying that Sweet, I’m enjoying your blog too. I am trying to make myself be proactive – lazy is a default of mine!

    1. Thank you May – I just sit on the non-numeric side of the fence! Hopefully we are cross pollinating our followers/visitors.

  4. Oh I love your take on this prompt Posy. I relate to you very much. I’ve seen so many bloggers now with fancy spreadsheets and enthusiasm about keeping track of things and I’m just there like…. … not sure how to do that lol.

    I agree with you also how what would be really nice to know is the reason for a subscription etc. I wonder if making your stories shorter would change how long ppl are on your site. Perhaps you should trial it and see if you get any results!

    1. Thanks ML – glad I’m not the only one clueless! Yeah writing this post has made me think much more constructively about how to bring a solution to the issue. Let’s see what happens.

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