Photography – my Achilles Heel

I don’t really like having my picture taken. My self consciousness began at about 14 when my skin got bad and I dodged the camera every time my dad tried to snap a photo for the family album. Several shots with me turning away exist, before people gave up trying.


Taking shots for my blog hasn’t presented much problem, as my body is in it but never the face. I only ever use the camera on my phone. In a ‘twist of fate’ I find I actually enjoy modelling for the images. I have gradually progressed (because people gently teased me for using a selfie stick)


to using a tiny tripod so my poses can be a little more creative than the early days.


Using Pixlr as an editing tool has assisted with the quality/variety of images I can share too (blurring out things in the background and using a border to tidy a picture up are life hacks I employ!) Purple’s Gem has written a great post packed with tips.


When I am out and about amongst nature my eye sees a great shot, but somehow it rarely translates into a good picture. Having studied art to A level, I see the composition, but it seems the camera is a tool I can’t bend to my will.

I am very impressed with people’s close up photography. I’m told you need a special lens to properly capture flora and fauna in this detailed way; any attempt I make is going to be weak. However I admire those able to capture such shots, [Dandelion Picture credit: Craig Jones] and for this reason I have several talented folk in my Twitter feed whose images always uplift me.

The most talented photographer I have found is Dominic Byrne – a browsing through his images reveals a true master of the craft.

But I’ll keep trying because it is fun to have ‘my’ images on ‘my’ site.


This post is submitted for #WickedWednesday (prompt 414 Twists) and #Food4ThoughtFriday (prompt – photography) Don’t wait til the round up to see what awesome stuff other writers have linked.

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22 thoughts on “Photography – my Achilles Heel”

  1. I think it’s nice that smartphones enable people to be creative even just with apps and filters. There is no “true” way. The image with the three trees and the huge sun is very atmospheric…I like it.

  2. Good to read about your photographic journey Posy. You have a fabulous body and look stunning in your images. And as always Posy you generously tip the wink to others. xx

  3. Don’t say ‘trying’… say ‘doing’. That’s how you learn! Glad you are no longer dodging the camera. Always fun to see your photos, love the lingerie the selfie-stick took. And, absolutely love the top shot, nice hat.

    1. Absolutely – such a steep curve of learning and changing. I sometimes wish I could go back (in time) with a pinch of my increased self-confidence

  4. You trying to avoid pictures of you being taken, especially by your dad! is so relatable. My dad literally always takes pictures and I hated the camera. I still do in my vanilla life, lol.

    You’re wearing some amazing lingerie and your poses and angles are on point. It’s like I’m seeing a different person in every one of these pictures. Those nature pictures also!!

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