Nadine Tries Anal Play with Her Master

Erotic fiction featuring Nadine a submissive who has recently begun to serve her Master, as one of his playmates. All sex is consensual and participants are over 18. The product featured in their play was gifted to me by in return for a story describing it’s features.

[18.5 min read]

Kneeling on the floor in front of the spanking bench, Nadine wore nothing but the cuffs which bound her wrists and a blindfold over her eyes. Her stomach twisted with anticipation and lust.  


She had a faint inkling of what her session with the Master might entail because she’d taken delivery of a package earlier that morning.  A neat parcel which she’d ripped open to discover its contents – a tube of skin balm with arnica to cool and soothe bruises.  Now, instructed to assume her submissive stance, she was positioned in front of the padded blocks of Master’s spanking bench, with arms tied behind her back. Nadine’s mind recalled images of spanking and flogging gleaned from the internet and her excitement escalated.


Master had smeared parts of her with balm in preparation for play, now her clit and anal passage were experiencing a cool, mentholated tingle.  As ever, Nadine’s arousal was coating her pussy with her own fragrant lubrication. She imagined trailing her fingers through those fleshy lips before tasting herself, but what Master had in mind would be infinitely more exciting. She waited, legs spread and arms tethered behind her back.  She kept her eyes trained on the floor, she had no permission to look in the direction of the approaching footsteps.


When Master stood over her, Nadine’s senses went on high alert, goosebumps textured her nakedness when she imagined his eyes raking hungrily over her body, liking what he saw.  She detected green notes in his aftershave and a trace of leather, accompanied as it was by a soft creaking sound, she guessed he was wearing leather trousers.


A swish noise ambushed her curiosity as scattered tingles bit into her buttocks. The striking implement trailed sensuously over her naked thighs then moved away, to deliver another stinging blow which awoke every nerve ending in her other buttock.  The leathery smell might be coming from the tails of this flogger which was now raining flicks which smarted against her taut skin alternated with tickled caresses up the backs of her knees and thighs.


Nadine’s buttocks warmed up fast. While blows from the flogger stung, they didn’t exactly deliver pain. A building arousal overtook her discomfort. Feeling like a bitch in heat, she longed for the next blow while wishing it would deliver more!  Her clitoris yearned for attention, already throbbing frantically from the hot/cold sensation of the balm.  Nadine bit her lip to keep from begging “Fuck Me!” 


Despite what her body craved, Master would take his pleasure when he was ready.


The flogging ceased.


“Thank you Master,” she said. Submissive words brought a pulse to her pussy which, until recently, she’d never have imagined experiencing.


Her captor’s hands rubbed her buttocks, strokes to her tenderized flesh spreading the warmth the flogger had imparted.  With heightened perception, Nadine detected gloves rather than bare hands, just as those leather covered fingers pushed inside, making her groan with delight.  She welcomed their roughness and her slippery, aroused flesh resisted not one bit.  The Master probed her deeply and firmly, stroking his fingers against her g-spot, which delighted her with waves of pleasant sensation.  


Nadine blew out a heavy sigh of satisfaction, an emotion that was short-lived.  When the fingers withdrew from her pussy they travelled up the crease between her legs to begin nudging and teasing her puckered back door.


This area, also tingling from the balsam, was very aroused, made receptive by the flogging. So when the Master began teasing his gloved finger in and out, spreading her juices and some cold lube around her anal whorl, Nadine moaned and dipped her back, spreading herself to welcome him in.


The Master made a low chuckle of satisfaction while Nadine felt something pressing and burrowing inside her.  It was not unwelcome, for some weeks she’d been practicing using a small butt plug in her downtime. She did this regularly, for a few hours at a time and enjoyed how it filled and stretched her while sending out waves of sensation while she carried out chores, or sat watching TV.  The item Master was inserting now felt bigger, it stretched her sphincter muscles as it went in, then the widening feeling travelled deeper, so Nadine concluded it was longer too.  When the sensation of her outer muscle ring being stretched decreased, she concluded the plug was pushed into place.


Nadine felt her wrist bindings loosen.  She stayed still and obedient, acclimatising to the weight and stretch of the large anal dildo while her hands were unfastened and left to hang at her sides for the circulation return.  Master then guided her to move forward until her knees were on a padded portion of the spanking bench.  In shifting she felt that the butt plug inside her was maybe attached to something else, because Master supported it, avoiding her taking the weight of the anal invader.  


Nadine’s bare nipples brushed against the velvet fabric of the spanking block. When Master fastened her arms to either side of the block, they partly took her weight but allowed minimal range of movement.  Her helplessness and vulnerability was triggering such strong arousal that Nadine could feel the clear juices drooling from her pussy. Her mind abandoned cohesive thoughts, instead she focused on the sensations which abounded.  


Master now fixed restraints to her ankles, Nadine allowed herself to be positioned as he required. Aware her aching nipples were brushing the velvet pile, her gaping butt-hole also felt crammed. The burn of accommodating the anal toy thrilled her as it spread her naked buttocks wide. Those globes of flesh still tingled and throbbed from the flogging which had made her super-sensitive.


“O Nadine, I wish you could see what I’m seeing right now.”  Her Master’s voice broke her reverie, rumbling deep with appreciation.  “I have such plans for that peachy backside of yours.  Am I truly the first man to enjoy it?”


“Yes Master,” her reply was breathy with arousal, “I want you to take my anal cherry.  Own every hole, I’m yours to play with.”  With nipples aching from constant tightness, Nadine tried not to think how much bigger the Master’s cock was compared with the plugs she’d tried since becoming his slave. It would not help if she was tense.


“Good girl,”  he spoke soothingly, stroking a gloved hand over her buttock, treating her like a thoroughbred horse being ‘gentled’ by the trainer.  “You remember your safe word Nadine?”  Although his enquiry sounded innocent, Nadine was on the alert.


“Yes Master”.


The plug came alive with a buzzing sound within her, simultaneously it commenced throbbing.  Nadine sucked in gulps of air, incredibly turned on by ‘coping’ with the vibrations and what she perceived as  the dildo’s increased girth.


“Good girl, you can take more.”  Master’s voice was confident.  Nadine felt aflame with sensations of arousal, almost dizzy when her heart pounded with excitement.


When she heard the vibrating pattern change, it seemed Master had made the butt plug expand because she felt the bulb of it grow within. For some moments her rear felt stretched and on fire!  Her legs trembled with the effort of maintaining a kneeling position over the spanking block, when she absolutely wanted to curl into a ball and hug herself. Yet she longed for everything the Master dealt out to her. Nadine existed to make him proud, to show that she could accommodate this plug as a forerunner to taking his cock, doggy style.


Her pussy drooled lubrication, and was possibly gaping with arousal, while waves of bliss lapped at the edges of her consciousness.


“Don’t stop!” she groaned, pulling at her bindings without any clear thought of what she would touch if her hands were free.


Her master activated the dildo again, making Nadine cry out.


“Is it too much my pet?”  Master’s voice was full of concern, and the buzzing in her back passage paused while he stroked his gloved hand over her heated buttocks. She gulped in lungfuls of air and turned her head to one side, revealing a tear streaked cheek.


“No sir, thank you. It hurts so good” Nadine trailed off.  

It was hard to explain, she didn’t want the sensation to stop, the ache when the toy expanded flooded her with erotic stimulation. 


“May I know about the new toy?” she thought it might help to visualise it.


“Well, my precious, it’s a vibrator with an oval-shaped silicone bulb. Once inserted inside you it’s curved neck allows me to operate it comfortably. It expands like this …”  Master pressed a button and immediately the protuberance inside her buzzed into life. A thrumming and swelling began in her anal cavity which soon made her feel full and very horny, the pressure varied in a pattern, sometimes escalating until it was almost too much, before simmering down to a quiet hum.


Nadia’s mouth formed an ‘O’ of both pleasure and suprise at the sexy demonstration. To finally cause the pressure in her anus to ease off, Master fiddled with something on the plug.  The relief was intense and yet she missed the stimulation, especially when she felt him easing the dildo out. Nadia panted with the effort of holding her climax at bay, she needed to come desperately but must restrain herself until the Master gave permission.


Having withdrawn the plug completely, Nadine sensed him close behind her, because warmth radiated from him, something she could detect on her hypersensitive, spanked skin.  He drooled more cooling lube on her virgin aperture, before positioning his hard cock against the darker skin. She felt delightfully teased by his gentle pressure and the anticipation of him fucking her built.  She imagined how his swollen cock looked, its tip angry and engorged, daubed with a dribble of precum. All imaginings flew from her mind when Master pushed against her and his meaty cock began to sink in.  


The dildo had done a good job of readying her, now her body was eager for his first thrust. He had generally more girth and definitely more length, so she appreciated him easing himself into her cautiously this first time.  Her moans were soft, enthusiastic little mewls but she pressed back against him encouragingly, becoming eager to take his full length.


“Good girl,” the Master growled reaching forward to pinch and drag at the tips of her breasts. Once he sunk himself into her fully, he rested there, appreciating the tightness and heat she offered him. Gradually he eased himself back out, without quite withdrawing his full length, then thrust again, burying himself to the hilt, more briskly. 


“O Master,” Nadine gasped.  Was she, begging for more, or saying thank you?  Confused by the rush of emotions and sensations which battled inside, she was almost overwhelmed.


His cock withdrew very slowly, allowing Nadine to savour every retreating inch, then he thrust deep once more, claiming her, owning her anus as he owned her other two fuck holes. 


Master picked up a whippy instrument, probably a crop with it’s flap of leather at the tip,  

“One more strike Nadine before you can cum, but perhaps not on your behind.”


Before she could properly register his words or even reply, he delivered a final, stinging strike so that the leather portion of the crop landed squarely on her swollen, straining clit.  


Boom!  Nadine’s orgasm went off like a rocket.  She bucked and arched her torso, while her Master thrust deeply inside her, able to enjoy every throb and spasm from her tight anal passage.  Waves of her orgasm engulfed her in powerful patterns. She was turned inside out with the intensity of pleasurable throbs and muscular grabs radiating from both her pussy and anus in a way she’d never experienced before.  Previously rutting like animals had been such a dark secret, desire. Now she discovered it was the best orgasm of all!


Nadine felt Master’s every frenzied hip jabbing thrust. His engorged cock plunged in and out of her, rebounding waves of orgasm through her being. She felt half-crazed with the wonderful sensations combined with the great gulps of air she was taking in.  She noticed every chafe of her Master’s leather breeches against her sensitive, beaten skin. Friction tingles also flared out from where the bench abused her tight nipples.


“Y- yes, thank ..” her words spilled out on a sob of ecstasy. Nadine’s reward was Master’s hot cum which spurted inside her. He groaned with release and let his weight transfer onto her back.


Several blissful moments later, returning to reality, Master released her bonds and helped her to stand and walk to the shower room.


“You did well today my pet, I think you deserve a reward.” He kissed her on the nose.  “I will order a jewelled butt plug to remind you of the value I place on what you gave me today.”  


Supporting her under the drumming water he began lathering her with soap, Nadine felt weak like a kitten and let her master lift her arms, turning her under the warm jets to rinse the bubbles away. She felt drenched with bliss, exhausted but fulfilled; So proud to have climbed another step towards total submission to her Master’s will.

He dried himself and her with a fluffy towel, she winced when the soft cotton chafed against her battered buttocks.

“Did you receive the recovery ointment?” he questioned with concern.


She smiled and nodded shyly so her Master continued.  “Apply that externally 2 or 3 times a day. You won’t be sore for too long. The skin isn’t broken.”


“I’d like to see the stripes,” Nadine replied, and moved to a mirror. She twisted to gaze over her shoulder at the places reddened by the crop’s stinging contact. To bear these marks filled her with delight, particularly remembering the pleasure they’d brought .


“I have recorded this morning’s session,” her Master continued, beaming with pride as Nadine admired his handiwork.  “Come over tomorrow at 4, Precious will be here, we will all watch me taking your anal cherry. 

“Then can we play together?” She enjoyed Precious’ cock almost as much as her Master’s.

“If you’re not too sore, perhaps we can. I have bought the same inflatable anal massage toy for them as we used today.”


Nadine smiled and nodded; she had no intention of letting any tenderness or bruising get in the way of a threesome with Precious. She also couldn’t wait to see their responses to the swelling and vibrations the new toy delivered.



Product used is from – why not recreate this saucy scene yourself: Yuanse Womens Clitoris Stimulator Vaginal Anus Massage Inflatable Vibrator (7 frequencies) I receive no money should you purchase one to try for yourself.

Review of a similar product from here



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