White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

It’s Good to Share, especially in Lockdown


White Rabbit on grass #SoSS

Sharing our Shit on a Saturday seems extra important in these strange circumstances – now being a remote community comes into it’s own. Please visit what links you can, sharing them with others if you enjoy them.

It seems to me this week has been particularly bad for people in lockdown, flare ups of frustration, aggravation or irritation. Living in the limited and restricted manner which the various authorities recommend is taking its toll on people’s mental health. It doesn’t sit well with people to be cooped up: if you’re introverted you aren’t getting the quiet recovery time you need. Tangentially the extroverts among us miss the socialising and changes of scenery vital for recharging batteries.

Although May describes the frustration she feels being unable to go home, being in touch with the healing properties of nature and fresh air helps her find grace.

Old Mike finds himself unable to continue with his usual on-line activities because his wife is will be working from home for the forseeable future.

Lockdown has made Eve reflective, thinking back fondly on a formative female role model.

The Cunning Linctus has some amusing memories about some of the women in his past too.

Devie & Dream Catcher jumped out at me as being particularly striking image, although all of those linked up to the Fun Theme Photo Meme are worth a look.

Asrai’s story about a woman who goes to confession had me squirming in my seat.

Another great piece of lesfic is hosted here on the Bellesa site, Rainbow tries a strap-on here.

Writing with Eve Ray, we are ‘batting’ a slightly historical school themed tale back and forth. This week it was my turn to describe Delphine’s first day of term.

My 1st week of furlough has allowed a lot more time for reading. As well as browsing varied blog posts, I read There and Never Back Again and have reviewed it. It was one of the many book themed posts linked up to the Book Matters meme, which seemed very appropriate it was World Book Day this week.

ML Slavepuppet is being set tasks by her mistress, and reading about this one was fun because I’m curious to learn about wax play.


15 thoughts on “It’s Good to Share, especially in Lockdown”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the fun theme photo meme and I agree those two images are absolutely gorgeous!

    It’s also a wonderful thing that you have taken the time to do here, sharing the work of other people.

    Take care of yourself
    Sweetgirl x

    1. If you love the tales with a hint of religious taboo, check out ifsexmatters.co.uk May’s written more than one!

  2. A client said this to me recently, midway through a booking. If that’s what my clients think, I’ve got my work cut out. I was shocked, but I get it. She expected me to be rougher round the edges, more on the edge of society and society’s rules. I’m not, except for the tiny factor that I’m a male escort (which is perfectly legal where I live and I am one of the few licensed ones)

    1. What did your client say D? That it’s good to share? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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