My friend Sorcha (@AuthorRowan) shared a picture on Twitter with her friends. She nominated a few of us, suggesting it’s cuteness could be copied. The gorgeous girl in this image has youth on her side, but I thought I’d give it a go anyhow.

(Alfredo Bortone @BortoneA)
Girl wearing just a shirt

Not my image – (Alfredo Bortone @BortoneA)


shirt off the shoulder

Well I was challenged wasn’t I?

The blue shirt I’m wearing is a favourite of mine, I’m a fan of anything with stripes. I wear it when I want to be cheered up and people tell me it brings out the blue in my eyes.


Currently I’m locked down but able to work from home, but I’m working one day a week less, so now I have a little more time for writing – Yay!

I have been very much occupied recently with collaborations and writing for other sites:

An older women enjoys sexy frisson in Too Hot for Shag Story

A piece on the attraction of getting / having tattoos for The Big Fling. It’s not yet published, but you can read my piece on Nipple Orgasms here.

An age gap lesbian serial, featuring a first time which I’m writing with Sorcha Grocery Games is being posted on Positively Sexxxy – a site she curates on Medium.

Co-writing some sexy pieces of lesbian powerplay fiction with @EveRay1 – start with this appetiser. We will alternate the release of more Delphine posts on our sites linking up with #WickedWednesday, so please keep a look out for those. We’d love your feedback.

I’ve also just finished crafting a very ‘fantasy’ driven piece of m/f erotica which I hope will soon feature on FrolicMe. Forgive me while I tease you with a tiny mouthful ….

He sank his teeth into the plump orb of my right buttock. They dug in hard and he fastened his lips to me. Sucking the trapped flesh deeply to mark me as “his” with a love bite that tingled and burned. When he “branded” me as his property I swelled with pride, like when he used the flat of his hand to slap my buttocks hard. I groaned, low and feral.

One of his rules  was for me to maintain soft and moisturised skin,  smooth and hair free. A perfect canvas for the occasions he chose to mark me with bites or bruises, we both enjoyed the taboo idea of him punishing me.

[A Winter Feast]

If you wanted to join in, for the month of April @TabithaRayne promotes #30DaysOrgasmFun, because the release of endorphins is great for de-stressing. If you needed a new toy to assist, then Sh! Womenstore is offering a 15% discount – use code “Recommended” when you are shopping online.

This post is submitted for #WickedWednesday : 409 Blue

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    I love your version of the picture better than the original actually. There is something about the shirt and the pose that is very sexy


  2. Reply

    This is a lovely picture of you Posy – very sexy. You have been so busy with your writing too and it sounds like you have some really interesting projects on the go. 😊

    • p0sy


      Thanks missy – so busy but with not much to post on my site! Hope everyone will be patient!

    • p0sy


      Thank you – I’m living my natural beauty to the full – no make-up in the isolation phase!!

    • p0sy


      That’s a nice observation May – I think a fashion guru said a glimpse of shoulder is a good ‘weapon’ for an older woman!

  3. Reply

    Stop saying “older “woman, you are a woman. That is a fab shot! And as sexy as the “youngster”. Love the bottom at the top, btw.

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