Picnic basket in a field on a summers day

Eating out – What Posy Picks Off the Menu

Picnic basket in a field on a summers day





I have written before about how I cannot eat many rich foods due to my lactose intolerance, while my recovery from cancer has left me as someone who gets indigestion very easily.

I used to love eating out – anything for an excuse to dress up, avoid the washing up and have someone else cook (although my OH does most of the cooking for our family). The above factors, however, have made eating out less appealing and now that I’m vegetarian, my meal choices have narrowed still further.

Going out as a family we have the added problem that 2 of our number is vegan. They describe perusing a menu nowadays as being like “where’s Wally?” – the challenge being to find the one option that they CAN eat!

The types of food I look forward to eating in restaurants is cuisine from other countries: Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian. A little while before we went vegetarian, my OH and I enjoyed a wonderful Vietnamese barbecue where we cooked the meat we ordered on hot plates set into the surface of our table.

I still love good old fish and chips, about the only take-away food I had growing up. Eating hot chips wrapped in paper beside a windswept beach when I’ve just been for a lovely bracing walk is something I particularly enjoy.

When I was in Camden with Eve in summer 2019, we had a delicious lunch at Byrons. I was impressed with their meat substitute burgers – in a blindfold test I wouldn’t have been able to identify meat versus vegetarian. As an accompaniment to a burger, I usually choose sweet potato fries rather than the potato variety.

Wagamama is another favourite place to eat out – my family love their Asian fusion food options. At my first Eroticon, that’s where May and I went out to eat. At my second Eroticon, Luv Bunny and I went to Rossopomodoro, an Italian restaurant, where I selected risotto, a go to option for me which I really enjoy.

For dessert I’m always going to have to avoid cream or anything milky, which has knocked many of my favourite varieties of cheesecake & torte off the list. I love fruit and meringue and I adore a well made cake, and thankfully these are available without the components which upset me. Ice cream makers are, thankfully, creating alternatives to milk based ice cream and fruit sorbets are heavenly. So far I am still able to eat milk chocolate without ill effects – long may this continue!

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9 thoughts on “Eating out – What Posy Picks Off the Menu”

  1. Thanks for joining in. It’s been a long time but yes, fish and chips at the seaside is amazing. I too also prefer sweet potato fries in a restaurant. Thankfully there are more and more veggie and vegan items on menus. Though I am highly suspicious of the words ‘plant based’. If feels like a processed scandal waiting to happen!

    1. I’m happy to participate Julie – I’m impressed with a lot of the vegetarian/vegan options, but not everything works (pea protein, jackfruit, I’m looking at you!)

  2. I love Wagamama, and this year for the first time we went to Byrons, where I had a burger without bread. It was so tasty, so delicious. I wish we had more of those choices in the Netherlands!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks Marie – I’m glad you agree with my recommendations! I had always imagined that NL would be more adventurous than the UK for food choices, you surprise me!

  3. I’m a bit the same, it is hard to find anything on all menus, because I am vegetarian (would always prefer vegan options), and my diabetes and IBS limit options further. But I have found some great places that cater to my needs, and where I know exactly what I can order. I often prefer cooking at home these days too, just to be on the safe side and my stomach issues being a bit too much lately. Maybe I am also lucky because I live in a big and diverse city, so finding vegan or stomach friendly food really isn’t that difficult. I am looking forward to read about where you have dined at your next Eroticon, hehe.

  4. I’ve watched several of my friends have to turn their diets upside down because of health issues, and it can certainly be a challenge, especially in restaurants. I don’t know how vegans do it, and I laughed at your description of them trying to find something on a menu. I’m an omnivore, so currently nothing is disallowed. But I’m beginning to notice salad is not sitting so well with me anymore, and I used to love a big salad with all the fixings.

    Luckily for us, most of our restaurants are open now. My Husband and I go out at least once a week and get take out a few times, namely because we are both working and going to school. We need to be eating healthier, but for now, this is the solution we’ve chosen.

    It is nice not having to clean up.

    1. You might find it is one element of the salad that your digestion doesn’t like – tomatoes or cucumber (with all their unavoidable seeds) might be the culprits. When you’re busy you do have to devise workarounds, and they are getting healthier options than they used to be.

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