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Coping with the New Normal – March SoSS

Hello my dark Darlings,

Well this will be a random #SoSS post, because I’m a rather random gal! Not a deep thinker (although my offspring try to drag me along with them). My OH is always showing me spreadsheets and talking to me about interest rates making me want to run away & hide – it feels like maths class decades later. So that’s a glimpse of me – more creative than practical!

Last weekend was lovely, no demands on me so I watched the entire first series of Light as a Feather – I make no secret of enjoying media pitched at teenagers ( the angsty sexual attraction and friend dramas are so vivid). It has a great supernatural ouija board vibe to it (check out The Craft :film, Beautiful Creatures 1 film, book series & Sabrina the Teenage Witch:series on Netflix for similar subject matter).

I shared my #SinfulSunday image & thoughts with Don’t Take it Lying Down

That same evening I set about reading all the pieces submitted for Food 4 Thought Friday meme on the topic of Sport is Fun. It was wonderful to have so many link up (19 in all). I was only allowed to highlight 2 but I’ve sneaked a couple of others I loved below.

The working week commenced with a normal Monday, but I spent Tuesday ringing relatives and friends of my father’s to cancel his upcoming memorial. I’d been hoping it could be done with dignity before the Covid-19 lockdown, but I began to fear for the health & safety of attendees (ranging from 21-96) congregating. The Government stance has helped me, removing the fear that someone will turn up, uniformed that we’ve had to postpone it. Sad times, but talking with people who shared their memories of my dad was the silver lining.

On Wednesday the strangeness began – by lunchtime my office was operating social distancing – most colleagues left to work from home (poor IT staff: so many laptops to be configured in haste). My WFH days will be Tuesday and Thursday. I intend to be diligent about my work output – not going on Twitter except for lunchtime & my coffee break.

I shared the third part of The Breadcrumb Trail for #Wicked Wednesday, I hope you enjoy it’s steamy conclusion. Please read parts 1 & 2 to start off if you haven’t already.

Encouraging Twitter friends to tweet/share pictures of panties from their archives was fun, #pantiesfromthepast will now be a ‘thing’ which I do on a Thursday. Please join in if you want to, give encouragement to those who do. I offer no restriction on panty colour or style, and please display them on any body – you should know I disagree with lingerie having gender limitations.

Reading people’s blogs, I’ve noted down what I’ve enjoyed, so a short list here:

5ubmissy describes emotions and fears in the Worst Week

May imagines a dystopian reality after a pandemic When Lightning comes from the East

Sweetgirl launched a new fun photo meme – each prompt lasts a month long : theme Pin Up (sadly this has now finished – October 2020)

EveRay (like so many of us) was disappointed that our conference couldn’t happen Not Eroticon

Kinky Wife discusses what she feels are the benefits of exercise

Jupiter Grant is offering her poetry collection for free this weekend Poe-rotica

Modesty shares a collage of her sport-themed scavenging hi-lights

Maria shares the hat she wears stylishly for the cold weather!


Sh! Womenstore is offering any of my readers a 15% discount – use code “Recommended” when you are shopping online.

Stay safe and healthy my friends, interacting with people remotely – use phone, facetime, Twitter, Whatsapp or FaceBook.

Lets shop responsibly and look out for others more vulnerable than ourselves. It’s a great opportunity to read more and comment on each other’s posts to boost morale.

11 thoughts on “Coping with the New Normal – March SoSS”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the new meme! I’m busy trying to read all the posts I’ve got behind on! I hope.so very much that you stay safe, and I will make sure I find some posts to share for your Twitter project.

    Sweetgirl x

    1. You’re most welcome. It is very easy to feel as if you’ve lagged behind with the reading, I have to ration myself a little nowadays, no need to invite pressure!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my post here Posy. I hope that working from a distance works for you and that you stay safe and well 🙂

    1. You’ve earned your place missy. I’m not sure how sustainable it is long term, but I appreciate my employer’s efforts.

    1. Thanks Marie – that’s kind, a snatched moment of privacy in a houseful of people!! I didn’t have much chance to plan or pose!

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