Boots n Jacket

The Breadcrumb Trail [Part 3]

Boots n Jacket
Black boots and leather jacket

[7 minute read]

The tale of Victoria’s sexy liaisons with two work colleagues continues. She and Toby have gone to a hotel room, to get sweaty and intimate, but can Mason join them? 

I suggest reading Part 1 and Part 2 before you enjoy this episode.


“You want to Facetime?” Victoria was shocked, and more than a little turned on by the idea.

“Shall we? Do you want to Toby?” she asked, her heart banging against her ribs. 


Victoria dragged her eyes up to his face, but she judged by the clear fluid already drooling at the tip of his engorged cock, that he was teetering on the edge: in that moment the power was hers. On the brink of no return, Toby would do almost anything to ensure he didn’t miss the fuck of the century.


“Why not?” Toby was the man on the spot, he could afford to be magnanimous, all he was sharing was his privacy. “Let’s bring the sad bastard into the action.”

Immediately Victoria accepted Mason’s facetime request, allowing his blurry visage to fill the screen. 


“You’re looking gorgeous Vicky, hot A.F. I’m only sorry you have to make do with a boy instead of a man.” Mason’s voice filled the room, while at the same time his cock filled the screen, standing to attention, its purple head glossy and straining. 


“ I can look after Victoria just fine. I dunno what you think you’re gonna add, you cardboard cut-out!” Toby growled, their old competitive bravado reignited.


“I’m going to direct the action fella! You two will star in my customised porno.” Mason laughed, making bubbles of excitement swirl in Victoria’s stomach anew.


“Bend her over Toby, show me her peachy arse.”


Victoria was quick to comply. Face down in the bedding she grabbed a pillow to raise her rear so Toby could film her curves, fully aware that the pouting purse of her pussy lips would peek out, exposed to the gaze of both young men.


“Jee-zus Victoria, you’re making me so hard right now.” Mason moaned from the phone. “Don’t just stand there Toby, worship that lush booty with your hands and your tongue, but don’t use your cock for now.”

Toby propped up the phone on the nightstand which gave Mason a good view, if a little crooked. He set to work pressing and massaging, a buttock in each hand, causing Victoria’s pussy lips to press together and pull apart with each manipulation of a fleshy handful. Moisture began to drool from her, while she was soothed into a blissful state of arousal, until Toby delivered a sharp slap across her vulnerable rump. She bit the duvet to drown an excited  squeal, while wiggling her bottom naughtily to invite more.


“Spank that bad girl!” Mason’s voice commanded, and Toby landed several more blows which got Victoria gasping from their sting and the heat they built within.


She heard Toby drop to his knees and he soon began kissing her rosy bum cheeks, making sparks of lust jump in her moistened pussy. When he began to nudge and nuzzle her buttocks apart she was already eager for his caresses in her every sensitive nook and cranny with his surprisingly cool tongue. She squirmed with delight and bore down to spread her glutes and let him in. Knowing she was putting on a show, which would excite and frustrate Mason, escalated her desire ten-fold.


Toby began to finger fuck her again, but this time using her copious natural juices, he lubricated his thumb before massaging it against her anal whorl. A groan escaped her, encouraging Toby to keep pushing until he’d slipped past her natural gateway to begin teasing and massaging both her channels simultaneously. Victoria’s arousal had her moving with more abandon, her head thrashed side to side while her hips rocked.


“Oh hell yeah!” Mason crowed from his viewpoint, “I wish I was there! We’d give it to her in every hole!”


Victoria could imagine that, sucking on Mason’s meaty cock while Toby ploughed into her from behind. Her mouth watered and her throat tightened at this erotic image. Already her stomach and legs were thrumming with tension as Toby pounded, knuckles deep, at her pussy while ripples of pleasure expanded out from her core.


“Don’t you dare come yet Vicky!”  Mason cautioned her. At his urging she tried to squash her building excitement down a level. “C’mon Toby, show her what you’re made of.”


Victoria was happy to bear the brunt of the guys’ competitive banter, so long as the divine sensations didn’t stop. She’d relish a spitroasting between these two fit men, but with Mason working far away it wasn’t an option, so this virtual three-way seemed a great solution.


“Pass me the phone, Toby,” she urged. With it in her hand, she examined the screen. “Show me Mason,” she instructed.

Her colleague swung the camera round to feature his throbbing member. He began stroking it up and down, fingers gripping his foreskin, using the slippery sheath to stimulate his sensitive glans. It looked so hot, she wished she could swirl her warm tongue around the tip and sink her mouth down to sheath his length.


Victoria was aware of the tingling pressure building within, the start of her climb towards a sweeping orgasm.  


“Fuck me!” She urged Toby, pressing her arse back at him, bearing down greedily. “Stick it in me, I want it all now!  As her arousal escalated she craved the full sensation, stretched around the thickness of his cock.

“It’s time dude!” Mason confirmed.


Toby reached down, using his hand to guide the head of his penis to her entrance. He slid himself along the slippery split of her pussy, until he teased her swollen clitoris with his equally engorged glans.  Victoria insinuated a hand underneath her torso, tickling the tip of him, which made him groan aloud. Toby’s breath grew ragged and he withdrew in preparation to thrust. She kept her hand in place, ready to rub her clitoris. When he finally slid his cock inside her, she could finally experience the rush of filling, stretching sensations she craved, becoming giddy when his subsequent thrusts stimulated her g-spot.


Each time Toby stroked in, Victoria pushed back so his girth caused a delicious friction, she felt impaled and dominated in the most satisfying way.  Moaning with mounting desire Victoria begged him to fuck her harder and faster. She chafed at her nipples with one frenzied hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Building towards her orgasm had her pussy throbbing with vice-like strength.


The phone lay face up on the bed now, abandoned by Victoria in favour of pleasuring herself. Mason’s experience was limited to a concerto of grunts and groans as she and Toby coupled in an animalistic fashion, but it didn’t matter, he was chasing his own orgasm now, his climax only a few fist jerks away.


Toby pumped his hips, sinking deep into Victoria’s tightness, balls slapping against the heat of her still rosy backside. He grasped her curvy hips to enjoy both the sensations and the view. He could still barely believe his luck, he was making the girl he’d fantasised about for months wail, on the brink of a climax. She was riding his cock. He sped up his strokes so they would come together, gasping out their elation and release while waves of orgasm broke. Lifted to heights of pleasure, their simultaneous throbs bore them along, enhancing a mutual climax.

Throbbing, they clung together til they steadied their breath. The sweat cooled on Toby’s back and goosebumps pricked on Victoria’s skin, gradually they became aware of their surroundings and the groaning coming from her phone.  Brushing her hair out of her eyes, Victoria grabbed for it, glancing at Toby before tilting the screen to view Mason’s final few strokes which released an eruption of opaque fluid.


She felt elated and satiated, they’d had an epic session and Mason’s instructions had raised their game. But best of all, she’d turned someone on remotely! Victoria’s sexy body and interactions had inspired a climax from Mason, despite the fact he was hundreds of miles away, joining them via a tiny screen.


Victoria rolled off the bed to begin putting her outfit back together again. “Is this going to be weird at work?” She fixed Toby with a serious look and a raised eyebrow.


“It’s going to be hard, when I look at you in your tight skirts, to forget how I know exactly what’s underneath.”  He smiled, “but we can keep things business-like.”


“What about you Mason?” She spoke into her phone.


“I’m not sure I can stop flirting with you Vicky, you’ve lit the blue touchpaper. I’m owed a re-match.”


“I see your point,” she smiled sweetly at her phone screen and winked.


“Thanks for the quickie,” she told Toby, kissing  him briefly on the lips. “Let’s reconvene next time Mason comes to head office.”


Closing the hotel door softly behind her, Victoria checked Mason was still on the phone, bringing it up to capture her face. “So big boy, you wanna play some more tonight?”


This is submitted for #WickedWednesday – visit to see what others have linked up to this week’s theme, perseverance. Thanks again to my inspiration and beta reader – Nero Black.


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  1. Oh thank you – I think it’s called whalenet (as it’s so much bigger than fishnet) It seems sexy & rebellious to me!

  2. This is such a sexy way to have a ‘threesome’. I can just how much excitement is added by knowing you are watched 😉

    Rebel xox

    PS: Some of the words to the right of your story ‘disappeared’ in the laptop version, but not on the phone?

  3. You look very hot Posy and i think u should illustrate your work all the time. And love the idea here – how the threesome is made up
    I too am losing a bit of the right…

    1. Thanks May – that’s my new plan – more me splashed over my blog! Glad you liked my idea, Nero helped me pep it up. Off to check the layout problem now. x

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