Riding boots, sheer blouse and spread jacket

The Breadcrumb Trail [part 2]

Hands on hips dressed in boots, black panties blouse & leather jacket


Hello my Dark Darlings,

Your patience has been rewarded, here’s the second part of Victoria’s flirty relationships with her work colleagues, one by text and one in person. If you haven’t read part 1, here’s the start of the story


“C’mon stud!”   Victoria stood up, leaning in to whisper by Toby’s ear, “let’s go somewhere more private.”
Toby didn’t need telling twice. Ditching his glass with a bang he slid his phone into a jacket pocket.  They wove their way amongst the crush of people. Victoria let her hips swing, hoping he was watching her arse as she walked.


Out on the high street, the fresh air hit them, clearing their heads a little, but after a fierce kiss during which she ground up against him, their intention didn’t change.  Toby took her hand to lead the way to his hotel.  Collecting his key from the front reception desk, Victoria took a photo of the oversized fob bearing his room number.
Bravado and excitement prickled up her spine as she attached her message, “You snooze, you lose xx” and sent it to Mason.
Following her up the stairs, Toby couldn’t resist reaching under the hem of her skirt to grab handfuls of her bare bottom.  Victoria’s laughter gurgled in her throat, she knew he must’ve felt wetness gathering at her pussy, clear evidence of her arousal.


Once in the privacy of Toby’s room, she was pressed against the wall as he kissed her long and hard. His tongue probed her mouth while his fingers sought her cleft to do the same.
Victoria’s phone pinged twice, frustrated messages from Mason she hoped. It fuelled her lust, she got off on being a tease. When Toby hitched her leg up for deeper access, she curled it round his thigh, enjoying his two fingers buried deep into her heat and wetness. He located the ridged area on the front wall of her pussy and massaged it insistently.


Victoria moaned enthusiastically into his mouth, loving how his long fingers stroked her. It felt wanton to be getting felt up while still fully clothed.  She never felt any shame in how copiously wet she got and had often savoured her own spicy smell and taste.  When she was wet the folds of her cunt felt silky. Toby was teasing her exactly the way she liked, firmly. He alternated between thrusting two or three fingers inside her, rubbing around her labia and flicking her clitoris.
Victoria’s mind became foggy with lust, but the concept of Mason’s growing frustration was piquing her desire. She pushed Toby away to locate her phone, it wouldn’t be safe in her bra for much longer anyway!
“He wont take care of your needs” read Mason’s message, then:
“Show me more.”
Yep, she’d piqued his interest, fuelled his envy that he wasn’t the guy on the spot, the one who was likely to get the prize.

She pulled at the buttons of her blouse, then released the clasp at the front of her bra. Immediately Toby moved to grasp one tit in each hand, dexterously pinching and pulling at her nipples.

“Oh God yes!” Victoria groaned, holding her phone at arm’s length to take a picture. Toby’s strong hands cupped and fondled her breasts, so she immediately sent that image to Mason, feeling champagne bubbles of excitement.

“That’s going to wind him up,” Toby nuzzled her neck while helping to divest her of any remaining clothes. He sucked in a breath of appreciation as he dragged her skirt down to reveal the generous curves of Victoria’s hips and thighs.

“I hope so!” she laughed.

She drew Toby’s head back to her breasts, encouraging him to chafe and tease them with his mouth til they were engorged with blood and sensitive to the slightest sensation.  She took another picture, adding the caption:

“Wish you were here?”

She just had time to send it to Mason before Toby manhandled her towards the bed where they sank into its softness,.


“C’mon Toby, show me your cock,” she pouted, continuing to pull at her nipples.
He watched hungrily as she dipped a finger into her pussy and coated each puckered tip with tangy juices.  When Toby next sucked on them he would taste her, she was really enjoying him licking her nipples and drawing them deep into his mouth.


Toby dragged off his belt and unfastened his flies to reveal an impressive bulge straining his jersey boxers. Victoria felt a throb of desire.  As his trousers slid down his legs she saw the muscles in his thighs bulge, Toby’s dedication to the gym showed! As he unbuttoned his shirt she feasted her eyes on further fruits of his exercise regime, pectorals and abs which were nicely defined under his smooth, pale skin.


Victoria reached for Toby just as her phone pinged. A text had arrived from Mason.

“Looking at your slick pussy has got me hard”

Her phone registered another incoming message, Mason had sent a picture, gripping his cock, as clear fluid eased from its tip.
“He doesn’t give up, does he?” Toby scoffed. “Let me send him something.”

He stood with legs braced, his cock jutting enthusiastically upwards, ready to take a selfie, but Victoria sank to her knees in front of him. Taking Toby’s engorged member in her manicured hand she licked the tip sensuously.

“I think we can tease him better than that, take a picture of this!”

Toby was in total agreement, filming a few seconds of Victoria greedily fellating him, which they enjoyed watching back, before sending it to Mason.
Victoria felt like a powerful goddess, two men wanted her, but only one could have her tonight. This game was stoking a furnace in her pussy but she wanted to raise the stakes still further.

Toby knelt at the foot of the bed and held her thighs apart, his warm breath tickling her clitoris, before he began licking and sucking, doing everything to tease her with his tongue. It was delightful and she squirmed with pleasure. She began losing herself to the heat which built between her legs, causing her to alternate between wanting to grind down, pressing her buttocks into the bed and wanting to strain up towards his face. Then her phone lit up again with a new text.

“Let’s facetime!” It was a bold move by Mason, he wanted to be ‘in the room’ and Victoria was up for it, but was Toby? Would he go for a virtual threesome?

Riding boots, sheer blouse and spread jacket

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