woman in boots & leather jacket

Sheer blouse and 50s big glamour knickers worn with leather jacket and boots


Hi Dark Darlings, 

This MF story is an older one which was ripe for revision. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the teasing tension between my characters.

I’d love your comments and feedback (even if you never saw its original incarnation!)


Victoria ascended the stairs in the trendy wine bar feeling slightly giddy on coltish legs. She’d had several rum and Cokes, making the edges of her world blurry in a good way!

Adding to her buzz, was the amount of attention Toby from Sales (six foot and scandi-blonde) was paying her, leaning in close to hear her in the crush of after-work drinkers. Victoria had clocked him gazing at the shadowy curves of her cleavage and she’d enjoyed his deliberate attempts to press his warm thigh against hers.


Up in the girls’ toilets, which had a strange industrial look, she stepped into a cubicle when suddenly her phone vibrated against her left breast; she’d previously tucked it in her bra. Dipping her hand inside the satin fabric to retrieved it she checked the screen: Mason!


“Hi Foxy, what are you up to? XX”

“In the pub, farewell party for IT Matt.  With Toby XX”


That was sure to bug Mason. When he’d worked with them 4 months ago, there had been plenty of competitive banter between the 2 young men. Victoria had felt deliciously in the middle, as if she was the prize!


“What are you wearing? I bet you look hot.”

Her fingers flew over the keyboard answering him, more flirtatiously than she would normally, caution thrown to the wind by drink and male attention.  Sexting with Mason always made her panties damp and her nipples hard, yet it felt ‘unreal’ now he was so far away, in Aberdeen.

Having described her outfit of short skirt and filmy blouse, she was about to return to the bar when  an outrageous idea hit. She dragged off her thong, feeling a smear of moisture from her hot slit as it slid down her thighs. She held her camera at arms length, perched on the toilet seat to take an image which she then cropped and sent.

Descending the steep staircase with great care, Toby’s burning gaze seemed to devour her slim legs – from her high heeled shoes to the hem of her tailored short skirt.

 “You took your time – What’ve you been doing?” Toby’s smile was wide as he held up a fresh drink, clinking with ice.

Victoria sidled next to him in the booth.

“Thanks.” She smiled secretively. “I was texting Mason.”

“D’you talk to him often?” Toby tried but failed to sound detached.

“Quite often.” Victoria shrugged. “Mostly when he’s bored, or drunk.”

She was under no illusions that she was anything other than a text version of a booty call. Yet she’d become hooked on the high of striving for his constant attention.

“He’s a lucky guy,” Toby answered morosely, taking a gulp of his drink.

“It’s only banter,” she soothed, gazing deep into his eyes. He leaned in close and the crush of the Friday night bar crowd seemed to melt away. She touched her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. The peaks of her nipples tingled and tightened. She noticed the flecks of colour in his blue/green eyes and wanted him to kiss her, to plunder her mouth with his tongue and let his large hands roam over her breasts. Would he be rough – pulling her against his crotch with grasping hands under her buttocks? Or gentle and reverent, stroking and teasing until she was wild with desire.

Toby seemed transfixed by her lips, and tension hung in the air.  Victoria barely registered that their table, previously filled with colleagues, was empty. The two of them sitting close together surrounded by glasses and straws and wet pools of spilt drinks, were in a bubble of lust.  The bar was still busy, however, with people raising their voices to be heard.

“He asked me what I was wearing,” Victoria taunted. moving her hand under the table, stroking Toby’s taut, muscled thigh.

 “What did you say?”  Toby’s voice was husky.

“I told him my blouse was see-through.”

“It is,” Toby observed, fixing his hungry eyes on the globes of white flesh which pushed up from the plunge of her push-up bra.  She sensed his arousal growing near her hand, straining against his trousers.

“I described my skirt as short and tight,” she bit her lip, watching his expression.

“Your arse looks peachy,” Toby breathed appreciatively.

Victoria leaned in closer, her lips so near to his ear that he felt a pleasant tickle deep in his groin when she whispered “I’m not wearing any knickers.”

On that bombshell, Victoria sat back and looked at Toby with, what she hoped was invitation written on her face. A heavy ache bloomed in her lower abdomen and her pussy and thighs were becoming slippery with her growing arousal.

There was a ‘ping’ sound, accompanied by a vibration against her breast. Victoria knew Mason had texted her back.  

She broke her gaze on Toby, grabbing her phone to look at the screen.

I’d love to lick and suck those juicy lips until you beg me to skewer you with my cock.”

Mason’s blunt and raw text made Victoria’s pussy throb with desire.


“What did he say?” Toby’s voice was harsh, his desire vied with jealousy.

Victoria rolled her eyes and tucked her phone back in her bra, but not before creating a message and pressing ‘send’ with the same photo she’d taken in the ladies’ and

previously sent to Mason.

Toby’s phone received a text, but he ignored it in favour of continuing to look at Victoria with feverish eyes and a bulge in his trousers, now too big to disguise.

“Check your phone,” she urged, sucking at her drink with a saucy expression.

Toby pulled out his mobile and unlocked the screen.  As he opened the message his eyes widened with surprise, making him check over his shoulder to be sure he wasn’t overlooked.  

Watching him look at the image made Victoria squirm with excitement in her seat.  She knew he was seeing at a photo of her pussy, taken as she’d stroked its swollen lips. She’d parted them a little to display the hood of her clit.  There was no hair on her labia, she’d had it waxed away earlier that week. She relished the peachy feel of her skin once her pubes were gone.

Earlier she’d sent the image to Mason to tease him, which had clearly worked!  But Toby was here now and the ideal person to fuck her senseless. From the expression on his face she was pretty sure that he was on the same page.


[To be continued …]

Strong stance, boots and leather jacket

Take a strong stance, push back

This story is submitted for #MasturbationMonday, and #LiFE, I suggest you check the link to see what others have posted. Read this if you’re curious about the term breadcrumbing. 


Masturbation Monday

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  1. Nero


    Mmmm I am LOVING those 50s style knickers! ? and the rest ? but I’ll stop there. Great pic!!
    And the story is HotAF too. You’ve totally captured the frisson of naughty texts! (Guys react just the same too)
    I can’t wait for Part 2 (and hoping for a Part 3 – this theme has legs, trust me).

    • p0sy


      Thanks so much Nero, that’s good to know. I’m working on part 2, making it as spicy as possible.

    • p0sy


      Thank You! I wrote the story nearly 2 years ago, after up-dating it, I couldn’t think of a title so I looked up urban slang and there it was! Since then I’ve seen it twice more this week, it’s funny how that happens, no?!

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  5. Reply

    Damn, Posey, this is a sexy story, I missed it earlier now I’m going to go read part two. I love Sexting stories! The thought of all of that has me aroused.

    • p0sy


      Better late than never Elliott! It’s great that you can read Part 2 straight off then – and I can see from your next comment that it was to your liking. Thanks for reading x

    • p0sy


      Oooh thanks Cara, keep reading, there is a part 2 and I am just polishing part 3 up for publication!

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  7. Reply

    hi, better late then never as you Posy mentioned in your comment))) got acquainted with this part and going to go on 😉

    • p0sy


      Hurrah Lisa – anytime you pop in to browse you’re very welcome. Hope you liked it xx

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