Past, Present and Future #SoSS

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Here at Churchgate Towers the sexy times have been rather limited while I process my Father’s death and take up the mantle of carrying out his final wishes.

This beautiful poem by Steve perfectly captures what my siblings and I have been experiencing.


The Smouldering Past

The past smoulders long in the memory,

the savour of its sticky,

woody smoke seeping from

long-forgotten photographs, clothes

neatly folded in attic-buried trunks,

documents—letters, bills, old

school-reports, medical files, certificates

(marriage, birth, achievements or the

lack thereof)—even the scent of

old spices in stove-worn pans.


The smoke hangs in the autumn trees

catching the low light, silhouetting the

stubbornness of spiders, every branchlet

webbed, every web freighted with tiny

droplets of dew, each as clear, as

murky as a memory.

– – – – – – – –

I am sometimes of the right mindset to read and appreciate hot stories crafted by my talented friends. This week some which caught my eye were:

E T Costello : Reunion

Francesca Demont : Mindfucked by Sierra

Kristian X : Anon

Ria Restrepo : Fever

May More’s meme Food Matters, which follows how food impacts various areas of our lives, has been something with which I felt able to read and participate. Check out my Lasagne recipe submission amongst the many tasty dishes she’s gathered.  May’s chilli recipe, with dark  chocolate, is one I’m keen to try, and I loved Elliott’s  post because of the spicy  picture!


A new thing I do is  listen to audio-porn before I go to sleep, so I recommend the following for the tingles delivered:

Lo Goes Down : written by HH and read by Jupiter Grant

Make Me Wait (a dominant sex story) : written & read by Sherryl Blu


Oddly enough, I have sometimes felt able to write erotica. I’ve been working on  submissions for platforms such as Sisters in Smut, The Big Fling, Shag Story and Bellesa. You’ll have to wait to see some of them.


A FemDom FF piece of erotic fiction I’m collaborating on with Eve Ray, which occurs in France and is set in the 1950s and the 1970s, is one we’re particularly excited to share with you.

To whet your appetite, here’s Eve’s : Prelude

Please look out for further installments which Eve and I will take in turns to write & post.

Here’s a tiny teaser from an episode I’ve written:

I needed to frig myself, and for that I needed privacy.

Heedless of mud staining my beautiful shoes, I cut across to the stable block which I knew from my time at the school. I pushed through the doors and my nostrils were assaulted by the all pervasive smell of manure. 

I found an empty horsebox and hiked my skirt up to my waist, exposing creamy thighs to the fresh air.

Sorry! Not the most sexy post I’ve submitted for #MasturbationMonday, but why not visit others who have linked up for more spicy words and pictures.

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