I’m with the Band …

The first concert I attended was *** ALERT Age Giveaway! *** part of the 2-Tone Tour in 1979, where and I saw bands perform:

The Selecter (On My Radio was my favourite song)


The Specials (I had a big crush on Terry Hall back then)

I watched from the side of the stage because I knew the sound engineer.

Since I got together with my OH we’ve seen a few more bands:

Bryan Adams

Gloria Estefan



The Village People

Eric Clapton

I’ll forever treasure seeing all the performers at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert.

I love the positive messages I’ve received since I got braver with my photos. This meme celebrates every body so I am being brave enough here to show my worst area – my tummy. It’s never been flat or toned so I always hid it, then in my 40s I gained a surgery scar like a zip down the middle. I can hardly believe I’m flaunting it here, but I love these sexy knickers with their fishnet panels, so I’ve gotta give you a clear view.

I’ve added a ‘poster’ edit to the original image to help me channel my inner Debbie Harry (Blondie) – having looked up to her since I was a teenager.

Submitted for #Lingerie is for Everyone Click the link to see who else is participating, and I am proud to say my image was chosen in the top 3.

11 thoughts on “I’m with the Band …”

    1. Ohhh – you need to know your band shirt and knickers picture last year inspired this photo shoot, so I’m delighted you approve!

  1. And here I was thinking we were the same age! Funny how things like age are so irrelevant online. I love a good band tee, and I love the treatment on this picture.

    1. Oh that’s so true Violet. I’m sure you’re decades younger than me, but I try to keep young in my outlook. Thanks for your praise of my picture.

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    1. Ba ha ha ha! Thank you sweetness – That’s true, although that native american feather headdress and bone breastplate might have made for a sexy photo!

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