Interview with Forbidden Writing’s Charlton C.Tod

Greetings wonderful readers. It’s been a while since there’s been a new interviewee on Pillow Talk for my Dark Darlings to get to know. This February please welcome to my easy chair a writer of sexy smut who hails from Canada.

Charlton C Tod, please settle into the comfortable leather recliner and lets talk about your blog and the erotica you pen.



  • What made you decide to write on an adult/erotic theme?



I will admit that it started entirely for selfish reasons. Ten years ago, I was one of those people who thought writing jerk-off literature would be the way to go if I wanted to make money easily. When I found out it wasn’t, I became much more interested in the opinions of the people who did get to read it. Looking back, it sucked! But it did get me to start caring more about the quality of work I was writing, my characters, and building a story instead of a porn scene. It took a long time for me to reach a place where I could feel confident about my work, and I still try to improve as I go along.



  • What draws you to the blogs you follow?



Being a sapiosexual, I’m definitely drawn to blogs that give much to think about, or are controversial, or cleverly play with imagery to the point that I can’t tell how many moves they can predict ahead of the game. As I love a good story, I prefer blogs that write their own stories as well. It gives me a broader basis of comparison as I look for what works and what doesn’t. Of course, I love to help promote my fellow writers when I can, but there’s just so much to read each day!



  • List 5 words you use to search for the content you want to read/view










  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?



That’s a tough one. I’m definitely in love with my Handy auto-stroker, but I feel like the sex toy industry is a bit narrow when it comes to penis-specific sex toys. I’ve tried sleeves, auto-strokers, cockrings, and prostate massagers, and then I see toys meant for vulvas and how they’re designed to stimulate in a myriad of fashions, and I can’t help but feel a little envious. The most I can hope for, it seems, is a toy with a different surface texture.



  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the adult item or film or book you’d take with you:


Hoo boy, that’s a tough one. I guess it would have to be The One-Gold Slave by Christian Kennedy. There’s an incredibly rich fantasy world in there that’s like Game of Thrones with a ton more BDSM. It was the first book I ever reviewed on my blog, and I had a LOT to praise it for. Hell, if you took out every sex scene, it would still make a damn good fantasy story. I think the wyrelings are part of the reason I discovered my primal side.



  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?



Hetero, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t explored. When I was younger, I found myself attracted to others across the spectrum of genders and sexualities (and still do). I dabbled with roommates, exes, friends, but found that my attraction is mainly just that. In the end, I think that I’m essentially 98% hetero and maybe 2% pansexual.


  • What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?



Yes. Both. All of the above!

Naked is fantastic for physical contact where intimacy is concerned. Dressed up opens the doors to a lot of visual stimuli, role play ideas, and other generally naughty vibes. As to how so, I guess that would depend. With the right premise, almost anything can be made sexy.



  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?



That’s, uh… that’s not a short list. There’s certainly a lot I’d like to try. And as time goes on, that list tends to get longer. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about culcockery. Watching your wife with another man.

It differs from cuckoldry in the sense that it’s not about feeling shame and/or humiliation, but a genuine enjoyment of watching your lover with someone who is not you, and likely as a one-time special event, rather than as another boyfriend.

However, that remains only as an idea. My wife and I aren’t in a place where we would consider opening our marriage like that, and I’m not sure we ever will be. Who knows?



  • Name a pivotal moment in your youth which may have set the path for your sex life:



Strangely enough, I’ve had sex on the brain as far back as I can remember. Even at my earliest childhood. I don’t know why, looking back. It wasn’t even until recently that I’ve learned to keep it under control. I wonder if maybe I was a true nymphomaniac, or I was exposed to something I just can’t remember. All my life, I have felt rather ashamed of myself for the way I was and wonder if I’m still too much for most people. Opening myself sexually, and embracing masturbation as a form of self-care has helped me reach a place where I actually feel centered now.



  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:



Succubi. It comes up as a theme in my writing from time to time. It’s one thing to have a partner who enjoys sex with you, but it’s another truly thrilling thing to be with a creature who hungers for your pleasure with a ravenous appetite. To be treated as though your satisfaction is the only thing that matters at that moment. And, sometimes I wanna be topped.



  • You’re going to a party – if you could pick 5 ideal guests (living or dead) to meet and party with, who would they be?  Expand a little on why you chose them.



Oscar Wilde: He saw pleasure and comfort as a human necessity. He even had champagne on his death bed. How can you not want to pick the man’s brain?


Matt Mercer: I gotta let my geek out a little. This man is the pinnacle of fantastic Dungeon Master-ing.


Shana Halligan: She has a voice that truly sets my soul free.


My grandmother: She passed away a couple months ago. I kinda wish I could have one last conversation with her.


Steven King: I learned a lot from him about what makes good writing, and the dude is hilarious.



  • What would you choose for your drag queen / burlesque dancer name?



Betty Corvette!



  • Sexting – love it or hate it?



Love it! As a fan of written smut, it always excites me to read dirty descriptions. Even more so when I’m the subject, rather than an observer.



  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?



Mr. and Mrs. Smith. There’s a scene shortly following their attempts to kill each other where they can’t get past their feelings. Their passion is rekindled, and all that pent up rage is turned into primal lust that nearly destroys the house in the process. 



  • Before you go, please advise us 1 sex blog which we should add to our reading list: Asrai has a ton of great stories for people who enjoy creative smut that goes to places you might never expect. I love reading her work, and you should give her tons of love.


Thank you so much Charlton for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  If you want more of this lovely talented guy, the links to his books, his blog and social media are below.

Twitter: @Charlton_Tod

BlogForbidden Writings

Charlton hosts a weekly writing meme #FantasySmutFriday where this week the prompt is ‘ripping off (of) underwear’ – why not visit and read or better still write and link up.

Ritual OfferingsCharlton C Tod
A collection of short stories about people who dabbled in the arcane, and received more than they bargained for. This can be bought directly from Forbidden Wtitings at cheaper rates than Amazon. Treat yourself!


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