“Look at the Lungs on Her!”

Not the most flattering way for a curvy chest to be admired, but the kind of thing I used to overhear when I walked past a building site or a group of teenage boys during the 80s.

Somehow though, the texture of the black laser-cut fabric of this bodysuit over the fullness of my breasts reminded me of those biological drawings where the epidermis is removed to display the organs underneath.

The bodysuit is very stretchy, shaped like a swimsuit with ladder style cut out at the rear and a thong. It’s made out of fabric about double the thickness of opaque tights. I think the black is quite flattering as is the machine-cut lace pattern.



This image is submitted for #LiFE and others who’ve linked up can be seen here

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    While I think I get why you thought that, your description actually made me pay more attention to the patterns on the body stocking and I see it gives you such a hot outline. I love how it dips under your breasts and continues down your slim figure to come out again ever so slightly at your hips. A delicious hourglass! Beautiful Posy and very sexy x

    • p0sy


      Thanks LSB – I think you’re right, the pattern / shading of the fabric seems to enhance my curves in a flattering way.

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    Incredibly flattering laser cut design Posy, but I think most of that is to do with your fantastic figure underneath! I love what you say about layers and can totally see that too. A truly stunning image x

    • p0sy


      Thank you very much Kis – you have more of a photographic eye than me, but I’m glad you see what I mean.

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