I was talking to my friend Elliott recently about wearing tails, which led onto pony play…

This got me musing about coveting a harness.  After our chat I wondered why I haven’t just bought myself one.  So I browsed an adult site and  purchased what you see here.

I’m very pleased with the fit and feel of the harness from the “wearing it” standpoint. Better still I LOVE how it makes me feel – strong, powerful – a bit of a Vixen to be honest! Some of my harness love was inspired by a sexy film I recently wrote a storyline for [read Kinky Girls on FrolicMe]

I can see one problem with this particular harness, if worn for sex, the arrangements of straps doesn’t allow access to one’s pussy. On the up-side, it shows off your breasts to great effect.

Well, I’ll let you judge for yourself.


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    • p0sy


      Thanks P.S. I remember you encouraged me to get one after I bought a soft fabric-strapped one.

  1. elliott


    I knew it! A Vixen to be sure. This is fabulous, except for one tiny detail. I don’t think you are supposed to be wearing clothes with this harness.

  2. Reply

    I think you are very much a vixen here and not just a bit. I love the look of this harness on you and your strong pose works really well to create a fantastic and sexy image ?

  3. Reply

    Beautiful image, and wonderfully displayed.

    Very sexy and commanding. It demands attention. It says here I am. But it could also be one of containment. Of possession. If commanded by your lover to be worn a prompt for delicious denial and fulfillment. Or for holding toys in place with a remote control. Oh the thoughts are endless. Hmmm, maybe I need to find one for my Kitten?
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • p0sy


      Ohhh David, that’s the kind of feedback I blog for! Thanks so much, I am glad the harness and I have conveyed so much! It is from Bondara and was both reasonable and despatched swiftly! I’d love to know how you and your Kitten get on xx

    • p0sy


      Thanks Molly – I am striving to come out of my safe space with pics. Wearing that harness supplied its OWN attitude!

  4. Reply

    Oh my word, that is SUCH a great look! How tough is the harness – would it disintegrate if it were used in fairly rough play? I’m thinking I need one for activity as well as decorative purposes!

    • p0sy


      The straps seemed tough to me, they are PVC but those going round the back are elastic. The adjustable bit is the halter strap. Thanks for your enthusiastic praise x

    • p0sy


      Awww thanks LSB – my OH cant wait til I shimmy into the harness again, you’re right!

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