Me and nudity …  an uneasy relationship.

I was confidently naked as a child. Apparently the hot summer weather saw me running around in nothing but little red wellies (protecting my toes from sharp stones and thorns).

I became a prudish teenager, nobody saw much of me bare once my breasts budded and hormones wreaked havoc with the skin on my chest and back. Swimming (which I’d loved previously) became an embarrassing ordeal and communal changing rooms were torturous places.

Less is More

As my teenage progressed I began to view myself as a sexual being but still preferred to keep myself covered. A prized posession was a short turquoise kimono bought by my brother on a trip to the far east. It made me feel glamorous, like the young women I saw in films, because in the 60s/70s Hollywood preferred to hint at nudity rather than show too much bare flesh.

I liked to wear a man’s shirt to bed, with panties under, like Rizzo in Grease. I didn’t want anything lacy or frilly and pyjamas always tangled round my legs.


When I tried sleeping naked, I couldn’t get to sleep! I felt too aware of my body, the brush of the bedlinen against my arms and legs, my nipples became erect and my pussy aroused. Soon I was touching myself. I wasn’t ashamed, I often pleasured myself this way, but it didn’t result in much sleep. I concluded that  sleeping nude wasn’t for me.


Since then I have developed a love of pretty underwear and built up quite a collection. Blogging on sexy topics and sharing photos with my readers has given me an excuse to buy more. I haven’t changed size much over the years so some of my special underwear is several years old, worn for seduction or on date nights. I feel sexy all night knowing I have it on, my husband enjoys the big reveal once we’re home.

Other times my OH comes to bed and finds me “wrapped up” like a gift, in satins and lace. Its a clear signal that the game’s afoot and we are going to play. If I’m wearing fishnet, a basque or something strappy, I’m the hunter and he’s the prey – it’s a dialogue we’ve developed over the years.



girl wearing green underwear

Many thanks to Petra Pan for sharing a lovely image of her modelling a lingerie set – why not visit her site Petra Pan Reviews


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  1. Reply

    Ooh, the line “If I’m wearing fishnet, a basque or something strappy, I’m the hunter and he’s the prey” really did things to me – very hot! You also look FABULOUS in that photo.

    • p0sy


      Thank you Quinn, you’re kind. I was channelling my inner Domme! Look out for my pictues on #SinfulSunday then, it will be straps galore!

  2. Jacques


    Oh yes, it does look so good on you! Though I’m also somewhat distracted by the thought of you in the ‘man’s shirt and panties’ outfit…
    But, wait… is that actually your hair?! ?

  3. Reply

    I love how he knows your mood based on your lingerie choices… My OH generally tells me which to wear! You rock that bodystockings, Posy ! I must admit – I am loving all your lingerie shots lately. They all ooze such sex appeal x

    • p0sy


      Thank you LSB – it’s a traffic light system!
      I was delighted with the quality of the body. I feel braver now I can edit pictures, and the little tripod I’ve got has opened up the possibilities for poses.

  4. Reply

    The bodystocking looks fabulous on you! And I am glad that you have found a way to feel comfortable and sexy in your body, without having to be naked.

    • p0sy


      You’re kind to comment Devie. Yes I’ve found peace with my body, which allows me to let go and enjoy the pleasure it can give me.

  5. Nero


    As everyone else said, you look fantastic. If only more women ‘dressed for pleasure’ it would save a lot of confusion with partners?

    • p0sy


      Yes, I suppose it would! But everyone’s dynamic is different. I do enjoy how ours works. Thanks Nero!

  6. Isabelle Lauren


    I love that picture! Like you, I am also getting more into wearing sexy and revealing lingerie, much to my husband’s delight.

    • p0sy


      Lingerie for the win!! My Mother told me it would make me feel beautiful from the inside out, and she never steered me wrong! x

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    • p0sy


      Thanks – I think I’ll always prefer having a few props to nudity!!

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