Mood Boosting : Lingerie Pics and Self Pleasure


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January is supposedly a month of new beginnings, turning a new page and plotting the positive steps you plan to take. It follows the festivities of Christmas & New Year’s Eve – a time when friends and relatives generally meet up to socialise, sometimes it’s the only time to see each other all year.

In light of the hype about both these times of year, we need to consider the flipside

* loneliness *hopelessness * low mood * being unable to see your family * finding social gatherings agony * being uncomfortable in situations which involve eating / drinking alcohol *i solation * exile *

Statistics show that January is when low mood peaks, many people find  negative feelings and emotions overwhelm them.  Samaritans, Crisis and similar helplines offer emotional support or practical help.

This January I want to promote and support an initiative called Brew Monday which encourages people to get together and talk, over something as simple as a cup of tea. Look out for my Tweets about it.

I want to encourage fellow bloggers  (many of whom work from home which can lead to feelings of isolation) to reach out to each other via their DMs or Twitter feed, followers can join in too.

I’ve linked this post with #LingerieisforEveryone because it’ seemed an ideal way to remind folk what a mood booster self-pleasure is. Loving yourself is important – both figuratively and literally.

If you follow my blog you know I write erotic fiction – 1-handed reads to start a party in your pants or cause fanny gallops. The endorphin boost from masturbating to climax releases stress and generates positive feelings.

I also share candid pictures of myself, not nude but usually in lingerie, hence LiFE is one of my favourite memes in which to participate. Browse the other bloggers who’ve linked up to this meme (it’s been going for 1 year now) and you’re very likely to find images which put a tingle in your loins.

If you struggle to retain positive mental health, you’re not alone. Many of us who blog on the topics of sex positivity have been where you are. We are lucky to have a wonderful site which hosts all our sharing posts here. sb4MH  has built a valuable resource page, curated to give advice on a myriad of topics – anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia (to name just a few).

So if you’re struggling, don’t feel alone, reach out to someone, we’re listening and we want to help and support you. Touch your beautiful body, love yourself and lose yourself in the sexy content we write/ share – we’d love to think our words or pictures had helped in some small way.

[you can see a list of my current favourite blogs in the sidebar. Alternatively browsing #MasturbationMonday & #WickedWednesday will introduce you to many more bloggers sharing saucy content while #SinfulSunday contains galleries of sexy pictures]


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33 thoughts on “Mood Boosting : Lingerie Pics and Self Pleasure”

  1. Lovely positive post. I’ll definitely check out the Brew Monday. I used to participate in a vanilla #elevensestime. Totally agree people should talk more and definitely love ourselves.

    1. Thank you – wrote direct onto the blog post (which I don’t usually do) so it’s straight from the heart. Glad you are going to support/join in xx

  2. Hi Posy,
    In my day job, I organise exactly what you are describing! Good luck with Brew Monday. I am happy to be contacted via my blog about how I’ve managed Brew Monday’s through to Fridays if that helps.
    S M

    1. Thanks for the support LSB, I wanted to raise this important issue – and bless you for saying that! I am only 5’4″ so that is a nice compliment to hear x

  3. January definitely is that month that seems to last for ever! This is a great post, with so many useful resources. I just love your lingerie too xx

    1. Thank you Julie – that’s how I feel every January too. Hope you will join in with Brew Monday by chatting to people and/or donating. The underwear is a mix and match – Lovehoney and New Look.

    1. Thank you for visiting so often with your positive feedback, I am so inspired to say “It’s OK not to be OK” and Brew Monday is there to support people who need it. x

    1. Thank you and thank you! My anxiety really swept my legs out from under me. I also know people hugely hindered by their depression, so I want to help any way I can.

  4. Brew Monday is a good idea and thank you for highlighting it. Small actions taken when we barely realise that we’re low can really help offset major issues building up. ??

  5. January is a tough time, and you’re right: self love and self care is SO important! Thank you for all the support for LiFE, all the retweets and shares, I appreciate it so much. Looking forward to more posts from you in future!

  6. This is a wonderful post and super sexy photos of you. Thank you for mentioning my meme. I think there is a drop after the holidays. Everyone slows down and stills to feel the crash. We should be checking in with our efriends, fellow bloggers and even followers that we can close to. Sometimes a simple Hello or How ya doing is enough to brighten someone’s day 🙂

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  8. Definitely good points. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Dec/Jan is the darkest time of year and seasonal affective disorder is the name of most people’s game. It’s hard to stay up sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the the comment and additional info Brigit, I’m sure I would struggle without getting some regular sun rays on my face.

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