Invisible Marks


For #KinkoftheWeek previously I have shared my thoughts on Love Bites – which probably indicate the genesis of my journey into kink. These, of course count as “marks” which is the current prompt. In that post I admitted to loving marking my OH by biting and sucking to make red/purple love bites on his buttocks to brand him as mine, knowing that he went to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day. We don’t have a D/s relationship but I can be a bit ‘toppy’ with him.

I like to grow my nails long and sometimes during sex he’ll feel them scrape his back, or I’ll grip his buttocks so that they dig in. I wouldn’t do it hard and deep enough to draw blood. To me deep scratches would be a step too far.

Marks attract me, as a way of indicating that he and I are bonded, were intimate, got wild together. An organic branding, a sign of our passion. I wouldn’t flaunt them, but I’d be comfortable with people getting a glimpse, a flash. Yet would I be brave enough? I admire the red welts and stripes many of my fellow bloggers display after being whipped, caned, spanked or lashed with a belt, but I question whether I could withstand the pain of receiving them.

I agree with Victoria, a self confessed masochist, who sustains bruises during sexy play and, made ebullient by the marks she’s received, glories in them. If I had stripes or bruises I would feel pleasure all over again admiring them.


The closest I’ve got to this scenario is after intense nipple play, when they’ve been abraided, pulled, twisted, bitten and pinched (I’m still too wimpy to use clamps), all techniques which heighten my arousal and intensify my eventual climax. Afterwards, in repose, my nipples feel tender and sore, every brush of my blouse across my aureoles, each press of my arm against my breasts issues a reminder, the friction or pressure gives me yelps of discomfort causing my mind to revisit our play with a smug  smile!

I’ve done plenty of of research on nipplegasms, (Frolic.Me & The Big Fling) and can achieve them during solo play, so I know that intense stimulation in this area leads to rewarding, full body orgasms. But like many other forms of sex play and stimulation, pain tolerance is on a sliding scale. Hence what has one person on the brink of using their safeword will have another lambent with pleasure while longing for more.

In conclusion – I like to give and receive the marks of a love bite, discreetly placed where only a lover can admire them.

I fantasise about being punished on my glowing backside which is then decorated a with few prime stripes.

Most of all, I enjoy the barely visible marks of tormented, over-stimulated nipples. These provide aftershocks of pleasure / pain which remind me of the sexy play which originally indurated and engorged them. They’re the gift which keeps on giving!


I took achallenge to use  new words in my writing, in case (like me) you aren’t familiar with them all, here they are with their definitions


Genesis : The origin, the original form of something

Ebullient : Cheerful, full of energy

Indurate : To harden

Lambent : Glowing, gleaming or flickering with a soft radiance

Repose : A state of calm relaxation or contemplation



15 thoughts on “Invisible Marks”

  1. I love bites too – less visible ones I must admit. I don’t like to show my marks off in public, I prefer to keep them unvisible unless showing them on my blog!

    BTW, you look utterly hot AF in that image! x

  2. Love that painful reminiscent nipple ache, yes!! I’m also a fan of scraping my long fingernails down his back!! (Sadly mine are shorter at the moment, but they’ll have grown back soon!) Great image, by the way! ?

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