2020 Interviews ~ New Voices

There are so many people creating fantastic content and I am often curious about what got them started on their blogging or writing journey. When I first heard about the #SoSS initiative, sharing each other’s ‘shit’ my idea was to virtually interview a person each Saturday.

For 2018 I shared this interview feature weekly. For 2019 I refreshed the questions but reduced it’s frequency to monthly. These archived interviews can be located using the “Interview a Blogger” tag.


For 2020 my focus is more on baby bloggers and other creatives who are just starting out, for this purpose the questions have been adjusted accordingly. These interviews will be listed under this tab. Please look out for them and  support these fledgling creators of sexy content.

Interview with  Kay Jaybee’s fictional Character : Jess

Interview with blogger/ writer Charlton C Todd

Interview with Vlad Lioncourt’s fictional Character : Rebecca

Interview with ML SlavePuppet – New Blogging Voices

Welcoming Kinky Wife to the Mic – Interview a New Blogger

CharlieX Sometimes – Interview a Blogger




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