Following on from my retrospective post thanking people, who knows what 2020 will bring, but let me outline my plans, so I’ll be less likely to renege on them. This post is submitted to Food4ThoughtFriday as the prompt is Catch up & Further Thoughts.

I’ll be at Eroticon for both days this year. How could I not come? I love its sociability – the rare chance to meet the creators of the sexy words I read online.  I’m always educated and motivated by this conference, often humbled by the talent. There are some fabulous speakers lined up:

May & Inigo Moore

Aimee Maroux
19 Syllables
Marie Rebelle

Secondly there are some folk I can’t wait to meet up with – Eve and I have made a loose plan to have fish chips & mushy peas at a great restaurant in Camden. Sweetgirl and Mr H – we feel determined to have a coffee/ drink together and I have the intention of saying a lot more than just “Hi” and “Goodbye” to Marie and Master T this year! I also plan to catch up with Calandra who I missed meeting on my visit to Taboo! in Brighton this summer – she will be representing Lovegivr so if her stand is near Tabitha it’ll also be simple to catch up with a sex-blogging bestie!.

During 2019, to inject variety into my blog and to help me when grief struck (making it difficult to write) I published several collaborations & guest posts. Gratitude for great content and support is due to:

Starcross : Shared!

Vlad : Face Value

PJA Woode : Face Value

Tabitha & PJA Woode : Triple delight via FrolicMe 

Canadian Erotica

His and Hers Panties : Aguyinpanties

50s Glamour Big Knickers : Jacques

For 2020 I intend to work with even more writers I admire, so I have planned collaborations with Deviant Succubus, PJA Woode, May Moore, Jupiter Grant (and there are others in the pipeline). If you would like to work with me – my DMs are open, I’d love to hear from you.  I also have some photo collaborations planned with Tabitha, May & LSB so keep your eyes peeled for them too!


I have always enjoyed reviewing fiction and for 2020 I plan to extend my reviewing reach. Not only will I be welcoming commissions to review people’s writing, erotic & vanilla, but I already have some in hand:


Dark Lords JournalThere and Never Ever Back Again & a forthcoming book on Kink

Isabelle Lauren : The Insatiable Jane Travers

Richard Cunliffe : They’re Closing the Lamb & Musket

Jupiter Grant : Poe-rotica 

Kay Jaybee : Yes Ma’am

Sex toy reviews have been on Pillow Talk’s back burner for a while, since my contributor Vampy Valentine stepped away. For 2020, instead of reviews, I will be writing erotic fiction with product placement of sex toys. I invite toy companies and bloggers to slide into my DM’s to make requests for this. 


I’m delighted I got an improved ranking for 2019 in  Chaturbate’s Top 100 : 42 (as compiled by Molly) and was listed in the Kinkly Top Sexbloggers Directory, hopefully the prestige will increase Pillow Talk’s visibility. I feel humbled and proud to have also been listed in several sex bloggers’ more personal lists and will be compiling my own for the start of January.

My “Interview a Blogger” slot will refresh as  a regular monthly feature. For 2020 I’ve invited some awesome folks I follow on Twitter to sit in my black leather chair to answer probing questions. I will also continue creating #SoSS posts, because sharing is caring, but I’ll curate these monthly instead of weekly.

Photographs – originally I didn’t share them, then I did. In 2019 I got braver! In 2020 you’ll see less of my selfie stick! I will create images to illustrate my blog, but I’m aware of so many bloggers (May, Kissungura, Floss, Indie, Modesty, Molly, 5ubmissy, Eye, Lexy & Missy) who create innovative images or sultry poses, capturing light and balancing the composition – I can’t compete with the experts.


I may not participate in so many memes, my strategy going forward is to write more. It’s no secret that I want to see my work in books, so I plan to self-publish a collection of my short stories soon. After that, I’ll make a nuisance of myself promoting it until some copies are sold!

I intend to devote more time to reading, not just books I need to review. I feel my writing improves from reading longer works, but also for reasons of self care, I will lose myself in more books for 2020. I’ll admit to feeling a little stressed about my “duty” to read other blogs, which is not a nice feeling. I want to give back to my community, but with other commitments I sometimes spread myself too thin. I will still be here friends, cheerleading from the sidelines, but trying focus on things, where my previous approach was more erratic.


This is my last post of 2019, as I am off the grid for a few days, but I will use the time to plan a list of “go to” blog spaces, which you can read in January. Huge thanks to all my regular visitors & followers – without whom this blog would have just dwindled. Big hugs of gratitude to those who support me in practical and spiritual ways as mentioned in part 1 of this round-up post.

Thanks to Sexy Smut (Reddit) and Dirty Sexy Words, Reed James, Asrai & Slave Sindee for the regular re-tweets and promotions of my writing.  Sharing and Caring. My hertfelt appreciation to those of you who offered a shoulder to cry on (via DM) during my tough times – you know who you are


Sex bloggers, you are awesome. You continue to entertain and educate, humbling me with your positivity in times of struggles with:




Any battle you fight

I visit, I read, liking and commenting when I can. You are my tribe, with you I can be myself – a sexual being who discusses sex, thinks about sex, enjoys sex & self pleasure and wants to hear what others think/do on the topic too. Thank goodness for you all.

~ Happy 2020 ~

May it be the year in which we all flourish and censorship backs off!


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    • p0sy


      Thank you Missy, thanks for your inspiring photos and entertaining posts. I hope I can live up to my plans too!

  1. Reply

    Awesome plans to collaborate Posy! I’m not planning to go to Eroticon in March for financial reasons, but I do hope to catch up with fellow bloggers sometime in the New Year.

    I want to bring my blog back to where it was before all the chaos of 2019 derailed it. I did not put myself ‘out there’ in any lists nor did I write for anywhere else with the exception of the Eroticon Anthology. 2020 has to be a better year for so many of us!

    • p0sy


      Hey LB Thanks- you have had a tough year, “derailed” is a great summary of events!
      I suspected Eroticon might not be on your list; I’ll miss you as we’ve been together a fair bit for the last 2. Hopefully we can have some IRL meets in 2020 and that the year offers you many better opportunities to write and review. xx

  2. Reply

    I can’t wait to meet you for coffee/tea/cakes/beverages – although I hope this restaurant in Camden is able to provide fish chips and “mushy peas” to you and Eve …. my uncle who moved to London in the 60’s, always complained that he could not get mushy peas!!!!

  3. Reply

    This is a really lovely post Posy. Thanks for my mentions and I really adored the end bit – great words and encouragement from you xx

    • p0sy


      Nice of you to say so May, I could not have grown without your advice and you’re always very encouraging – plus your blog is a fun place to visit! xx

  4. Reply

    You’ve been incredible this year Posy, such a fantastic champion of erotica and a very talented writer.
    Thank you for all your hard work, support and encouragement.
    I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed sometimes not having time to comment on everything I feel I should, so I totally understand just how much time you put into it all. Thank you so much for being you x x

    • p0sy


      Oh don’t make me blush Tabitha. Thanks for your appreciation and support, it is good to know it’s not just me that feels overwhelmed at times. Big virtual hugs until we can have IRL ones! x

  5. Reply

    What a wonderful post Posy. It is lovely to hear of such focused plans and I am hoping that some of your inspiration will rub off on me a bit. We will be at Eroticon and look forward to catching up with you there again. I love what you have done with your blog over the past year and am really pleased that things are moving forward for you in terms of your writing getting the recognition it deserves. ❤️ missy x

    • p0sy


      Thanks missy – perhaps we can have breakfast together at Eroticon. You say such kind things about my writing. You inspire me no end – not least the amount of content you put out! I am glad you think my blog has developed, I hope I can continue to keep it interesting and fun. x

  6. Reply

    Some terrific plans and goals, Posy, and I have no doubt that you will continue to excel! I’m still aspiring to attend Eroticon, though a couple of potential obstacles may end up putting paid to that for this year. But I hope that I can be there to catch up with you. And I can’t wait to collaborate with you in 2020,!and to read your forthcoming short story collection. 💜 Happy New Year, Posy 😘

    • p0sy


      Thanks Jupie. I hope you can make it to Eroticon, would really like to catch up with you.
      I have high hopes for our collab and hope I can get my head round the self-publishing lark!
      Happy NY to you too. xx

  7. Reply

    This was such a warming and heartfelt post Posy! I hope 2020 gives you all the wonderful things you’ve aspired to do. ❤️

    • p0sy


      Thank you JL – I’m pleased it came over that way. I have such big dreams, am just feeling a bit squeezed for time/opportunity to do it all by Real Life! But I’m always optimistic! xx

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    • p0sy


      Thank you, I hope I’m not overreaching, but I feel pretty motivated!
      Thanks for your kind comments on my ‘Winter White’ picture too. xx

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