Winter White for Christmas


It’s coming on Christmas,
They’re cutting down trees.
Putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace …

Lyrics from River : Joni Mitchell

A snatched a moment yesterday – Christmas Eve – I took a break from gift wrapping and watching festive films with my family to cobble together this picture.

Many thanks to my dear friend and supporter Elliott for recommending the nifty new tripod which has freed me from the constraints of the selfie stick (I borrowed Mr Churchgate’s sequinned Santa hat). Thanks always to Marie Rebelle for this great meme. #WickedWednesday where I can join in with pictures or a piece of prose.

Also to Francesca Demont & JLynn who have hi-lighted me in their round-ups for my pictures! I never expected kudos for that, and I’m humbled and grateful.
I have also linked this post to #BawdyBaubles because of it’s festive element.


23 thoughts on “Winter White for Christmas”

  1. I have a tripod in our Amazon Basket right now… My hand shakes too much to use a selfie stick too often now.. and, I am just hoping that it will be reduced in the sale lol!

    This picture is brilliant, and you look super sexy!

    Sweetgirl x

    1. That’s a great idea – I hadn’t realised how tiny and versatile they could be! When Elliott first suggested it I thought “where will I keep a tripod?” I hope you find it as liberating as I am going to! Thanks for the compliments – you are so kind (as ever) xx

  2. Oh my! I love this picture soooo much! The tripod is a great idea. I’m still using a web camera with a timer. (at least once I get my laptop finally fixed)

    1. Thank You! Frosty Brrrr!
      You had better go and visit Elliott’s blog a few times as a thank you! He pushed me hard to the tripod decision, saying my selfie stick was very distracting! He is a great mentor & supporter.

    1. I didn’t know but I’m glad the picture hit the spot! It was super furtive … except that the white vine leaves made glitter all over the floor!

  3. I love your versatility, Posy. You’re pictures, your prose, your fiction, they all add up to a very naughty mind. If I have one wish for 2020, well, you know the picture I’d like to see you in. ☺

    1. Thank You! You are too generous. I could apply that comment right back to you/ your mind Francesca. Hmm wondering if latex figures in that wish?!!

    1. I’m delighted it’s been popular, honestly I took the image really quickly before the stockings fell down!

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