2019 – Looking Back Over My Shoulder

Well 2019 was a year I will not forget, even though I’d like to! But reading the Twitter posts of friends & fellow bloggers I conclude I wasn’t alone in having it pretty tough.

A promising start – I attended Eroticon in March 2019 and got great feedback on the look and feel of my new self-hosted site. This owes a debt of gratitude to my tech support and to May & Elliott for nagging me to quit Blogspot.

Things were going well until the summer – I’d started a new job which kept me pretty busy. I was managing to post more than ever before, partly due to expanding my submissions. I predominantly wrote erotic fiction until 2019, when I began to include more opinion pieces thanks to these memes:


Food 4 Thought Friday
Sex Bloggers 4 Mental Health

September Song Project


I’ll admit to being lured in by my friends as the curators, so thank you melody, May, Sassy, Mrs Fever and Floss.

My love of lingerie coaxed me into sharing posts on Violet’s new meme, where I could combine words and focus less on the pictures. It’s lovely to receive generous feedback as I’ve hit middle age, where the tendency is to feel invisible. As a bonus, I made wonderful new friends participating here.

Lingerie is for Everybody

Thanks Violet, @Aguyinpanties, @HosieryLingerie (sadly both of these have dropped off Twitter) and Jacques


I submit my writing to other sites and I plan to expand this. I continue to have a great working relationship with Frolic Me & Bellesa and I have newly collaborated with The Big Fling and Shag Story.

Thank you Anna, Tabitha, Jayne & Kayla for the editing and publishing opportunities.

I won some & lost some, an unsuccessful submission to Best Women’s Erotica anthology, but delighted that 2019 saw me published in: 

Discovery Anthology The book & e-book


Discovery : Eroticon’s anthology

Breaking Limits : anthology about strong women letting go

UK Amazon  US Amazon  Kobo  Barnes & Noble   Smashwords Scribd

Huge thanks to Zak & Vlad, to several beta readers & Kay Jaybee

In July disaster touched my family, in an attempt to deal with it I wrote a piece for f4tF touching on the death of a young man with a family, cut down in his prime by a tragic accident. Loved ones around me are struggling to comprehend and cope with his loss. This leads me to urge friends to live your best life, don’t put off doing what makes you happy and let people know what they mean to you. 

You may not hear much from me between Christmas and the new year. I’ll be spending time with my dear Father. There is NO internet and little phone signal where he lives.  He was rushed into hospital in September but has rallied & is back home. However his independence is severely dented. I can’t shake the image of a clock slowly winding down. This man has lived a full life; what I want for him now is a painless and dignified end.


This retrospective is part 1 of 2 posts regarding the end of year for my blog, but my next piece will be more forward looking. I couldn’t do this – keep writing for my blog – without the support of the many like-minded friends I have made.  It wouldn’t be worth it if lovely folk didn’t visit to read and comment, so please keep doing that! I’m submitting this for #food4thoughtFriday#MasturbationMonday but if you want something sexier,  there will be 1-handed reads or pictures if you follow the links!

Masturbation Monday banner


18 thoughts on “2019 – Looking Back Over My Shoulder”

  1. Your posts are always so great to read! I’ve submitted something to the next Erotica Anthology, but you don’t hear back for quite some time so I don’t know if it’s been accepted, and Kayla has accepted a submission of mine for Shag Story too.

    I will have a look out for the anthologies you show here. I’d love to read them.

  2. Thank you Sweet – what kind things you say! I hope your anthology submission is successful – there is such a ring of truth to your writing. I only just found out about my rejection, but I’ll have other chances. I hope you love the books – so many great writers in one place.

  3. Next year will be even better, as you have taken the writers reins fully in hand when not holding a selfie-stick. Now it looks like we will have to badger you into getting an avatar. <3

    1. Thank you Elliott – it’s almost as if you’ve seen the 2nd part of my musings! I agree that the writing direction I took this year shared a fuller picture of Posy! Thanks – as always, for your honesty and encouragement, you assist me more than you know. x

  4. Thanks Posy for including me and F4T – I always love it when you join in with F4T as I think you really think about the topic and apply your post – which is great as it is the thinking meme. Wishing you a wonderful 2020 my friend

    1. Thank YOU May for all your support and inspiration. Your meme gets me thinking for sure – wishing a happy & healthy 2020 for you and your loved ones.

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  6. I don’t get to comment as much as I like but I love your blog and I love interact with you on Twitter. Hope all is well with your father and fam over the holidays and looking forward to a wonderful 2020!

    1. Thanks EL – yep, the commenting can be quite a task. Thanks for lovely supportive words. If we can snatch a convo or 2 on Twitter I am happy. I wish you everything you want from 2020 too. x

  7. I read this when you posted and then got pole-axed by a cold before remembering to comment.

    As you say, it’s been a tough year for many people and I know that it’s been very tough on you and those around you. I do hope this year is so much better for you in all aspects.

    Thank you for the mention, #sb4mh is a great place to write ‘think’ pieces. Always look forward to your posts, especially there.

    Very best wishes for 2020 ??

    1. Thank you melody, you are regular with your reading & commenting and dependable with your support, which I have very much appreciated.
      I hope you are feeling better now, and I wish you well for 2020 too. x

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