Goddess : Friday Flash

Here  is the ‘Goddess’ edit of my latest story Christmas Cracker

In order to participate in #FridayFlash the story must be under 500 words, this is 150 long.


“Fuck me,” she breathed, clawing at him.

“With pleasure, my goddess,” Wesley responded, hooking up her leg to access her soaked pussy.

She, in turn, fumbled with his boxers so that his cock sprang free, swaying with menacing intent towards the heat of her. Tearing open a condom, he sheathed himself and let the tip of his member nudge her swollen clit. His first thrust was half way, but it spread her wide. Melanie gasped with delight and satisfaction.

“More, I want all of you!” she spoke in urgent tones, desperate to be filled.

Wesley did not disappoint, he drew back, locked eyes and this time he thrust deep and hard.

“Unnnf!” Melanie was incoherent with lust. 

Her back slammed against the cold wall but Wesley’s strong arms held her. Wrapping one stockinged leg round his hip, she pressed him close while he jack-hammered them both to a climax.

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If that was too much of a “quickie” for you, please read the full story here:

Part 1    Part 2


If you like a Seasonal sexy story , but not too sickly sweet, then why not try List in a Bucket – A Christmas Tale by May Moore


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