Christmas Cracker [Part 2]

In Part 1,  Melanie prepares for her office Christmas party. Once there, determined to shrug off her troubles, she flirts outrageously with her colleague Wesley.

[6.5 minute read]

The foyer was empty, the tables had been cleared of drinks and canapes so the Christmas tree dominated from the corner. It twinkled with fairy lights and was crowded with silver and gold ornaments. In a darker corner stood a 6’ cardboard  poster advertising a local pantomime, Puss in Boots.

Melanie moved away from the door, feeling a frisson of anticipation and nerves. She knew this was taking a crazy risk, but anger made her reckless. When she thought back to the string of messages that Gary had omitted to delete from his phone, the weight of furious disappointment flared inside her.

Julia – that was her name. It seemed appropriate as a bitchy girl at school called Julia had made her life a misery.

“I can’t stop thinking of that night after the conference …”

Melanie shook her head, trying to rid her sub conscious of the messages she’d read earlier that evening. Their words made her gut twist in a sickening way.

She bit a nail. What she was getting into? Melanie was unsure she had the stomach for betrayal even if Gary did. Then Wesley burst through the door and her knees went weak from the sheer beauty of his chiselled features. The cut of his dark suit enhanced his physique and his loosened bow tie, hanging in 2 shaped strands either side of his open top button, made him James Bond – just the right side of dishevelled.

“You’re a luxurious gift in that dress, I am longing to unwrap you,” Wesley’s low voice rumbled through her, scattering any doubts to the far corners.

“Are you always so charming?” she smiled up at him. His dark eyes sparkled again in that sexy way and she leaned in, catching tendrils of a citrus and woody fragrance.

“I’m not being charming, I’m being honest. You look fabulous and I’m betting what’s underneath is even hotter.”

Instead of answering, Melanie tilted her head, presenting her mouth for him to kiss. It was soft and slow at first, a pressing together of soft pillowy lips, but intensity built as they explored one another, tongues dancing and tangling. Her head began to spin and she felt all restraint drop away. She ground her hips against him and he responded by using his large hands to cup and squeeze her buttocks, pulling her in closer, if that was possible.

Insinuating her slender fingers between the buttons of his dress shirt, his skin felt warm and nectarine smooth and she longed to feel it against her own.

“This isn’t very private,” he murmured into her hair before nipping at the sensitive skin behind her ear.

They broke their embrace to look around. The pantomime hoarding caught Melanie’s attention and she dragged Wesley to the shadowy corner where it stood.

“Will this shield us?” she asked, biting her bottom lip and giggling; Wesley wore smears of her damson lipstick on his ebony skin.

“I hope so.” He pulled it forward a little and they ducked behind, having created a tiny dark cubicle away from prying eyes.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” Wesley groaned as they broke off from kissing to fondle each other, finding ways to touch and tease without removing their clothes.

“I’ve a fair idea,” Melody smirked, running manicured nails around the bulge of his cock.

She pressed her knee forward, taking his hand in hers to guide it up her silken, stocking-clad thigh. He needed little encouragement and was soon stroking her buttocks through her panties. She groaned into his mouth as he continued to kiss her. She sucked on his probing tongue while yearning to suck the girth of his cock. Desire pooled, hot and liquid in her knickers while her breasts grew heavy.


Under the edges of her lingerie, Wesley began to stroke and swirl against her moist labia. Melanie was carried away by the magic of his fingers. She continued to tease him, dragging nails flicked his nipples under his shirt, but her concentration was suffering under his skilful ministrations. Their arousal was intensified by the illicit nature of the moment. Her clitoris almost hummed for attention.

“These are entirely in the way,” she whispered, using both hands to drag her knickers down her legs.

Wesley nudged her thighs apart and she complied happily, wanting to feel his long fingers penetrate her, to stroke her labia with glossy juices.

It was just a moment of madness,”

The words of Gary’s reply to Julia mocked her act of abandon.

Determined not to think about her cheating husband she unbuttoned Wesley’s fly to reveal his cock. Trapped behind tight boxers, making a wet patch of precum, it’s magnificent head was warm under her questing fingers. Her pussy throbbed in excitement. Squeezing him experimentally before circling her fingers around his girth, she heard Wesley to moan quietly.

He pressed her back against the wall, spilling one breast from its confines, to strum her nipple with the pad of his thumb. He worked at her pussy til she was breathless. She felt like a rag doll, limbs heavy with longing made her press her groin against his hand, silently asking for more, deeper, everything.

What goes on tour stays on tour.

Another message fragment danced behind her closed eyes.

“Fuck me Wesley,” she breathed, determined to sweep it aside with her current desires.

“With pleasure, my goddess,” Wesley responded, hooking up her leg to gain better access to her soaked pussy.

She, in turn, fumbled with boxers and flies until his cock sprang free, swaying with menacing intent towards the heat of her. Tearing a condom wrapper open, he sheathed himself then let the tip of his member nudge her swollen clit. His first thrust buried him half way in, but it spread her wide. Melanie gasped with delight and satisfaction.

“More, I want all of you!” she spoke in urgent, hushed tones. They couldn’t be interrupted now, she was desperate to be filled by him.

Wesley did not disappoint, he drew back, locking eyes with her and this time he thrust to the hilt.

“Unnnf!” Melanie was incoherent with lust. 

Her back slammed against the cold wall but Wesley’s strong arms held her up. She wrapped one stockinged leg round his hip, pressing her heel to hold him close while he jack-hammered them both towards a climax.


Unfortunately each thrust Wesley drove into her seemed to loosen another scrap from the trail of betrayal she’d discovered in Gary’s unlocked phone. As Melanie’s body climbed towards release, tripping on the thrill, the irony of these stolen moments was not lost on her sub conscious.

“This can’t happen again …

I don’t want to jeopardise my marriage …

We need to keep things professional ...

Please don’t contact me any more.”

When her abdomen and cunt pulsed and contracted with a powerful orgasm she gasped with mixed emotions and a tear squeezed from the corner of her eye. She grasped Wesley’s firm buttocks and pulled him in as his hot seed spurted into the condom. 

They held each other close as the tremors ran through them, twitches and throbs of release which rendered Melanie satisfied and sad in equal measure. Wesley lowered her to the floor and knelt in front of her. He raised her dress to press a tender kiss against her labia, before holding her panties for her to step back into.  As they adjusted their clothes he looked pensive.

“Is this a one-off?” he asked softly.

“Yes. It has to be,” Melanie nodded.

“I get it. “ He picked up her left hand. He kissed her palm and her wedding band glinted in the light from the tree.

“My husband … he played away,” she gulped. It was hard to say.

“And you wanted to get even?”

Melanie nodded, now she felt ashamed.

Wesley tilted her chin to kiss her gently, sweetly.

“Thank you for using me. I don’t regret it,” his smile made her stomach flip.

“I’ll go first, you might want to re-apply your lipstick.” With one last cheeky grin he was gone.

As the door swung open, she clearly heard the music from the disco. It was a song by Sam Smith and Normani which was playing.


“Look what you made me do, I’m with somebody new

Ooh, baby, baby, I’m dancing with a stranger

Dancing with a stranger.”

My story was originally submitted for #WickedWednesday – it fits with the prompt Naughty & Nice & #BawdyBells on Steeled Snake’s site. For December 2020 I’m adding it to #4Thoughts_Fiction, for the prompt Longing. Please click the link to see who else is participating. My image is from Pixabay.





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