This week I have persuaded one of my newest ‘Panty Pals‘ Jaques (known as @beforesunset49 to his Twitter followers) to join me in parading his scantily clad torso for all the appreciative lingerie lovers out there in the blogisphere!


We met via this meme actually, so a big thank you Violet for bringing Jaques to my attention! I admired his lovely clinging underwear, he in turn read my sexy version of Red Riding Hood with its cross-dressing theme and the bonding of 2 like-minded people was complete!

Nowadays we often swap links and tweets. Both of us appreciate guys who strongly, sexily, happily model ladies’ underwear because they like how it looks and love how it feels.

Jacques kindly provides ideas and feedback on my stories, particularly those with a cross-dressing theme. I think, for authenticity, it helps to get the inside track on motivations and feelings from the male PoV.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. Here’s my knicker offering.


These are what I call my:

’50s Glamour Big Knickers – I imagine screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell swanning around in this type of panty. I chose them for today as they have a decorative panel at the front which contrasts with the fabric at the sides, similar to Jacques’ black panties.



Jacques should have the final word:

“I’m a lucky man. I always had a love of women’s underwear. It grew out of a love of women. For many years, I indulged my kink by shopping for and gifting sexy panties to the women I loved. I started trying them on because I loved the feel of the delicate fabrics, the sweet details of the design – floral lace and tiny bows. And I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked how I looked; not feminine, but my masculinity, if anything, exaggerated by the femininity of what (barely) covered my excited cock.

I wanted to share. I started to find pictures of other men in panties and I realised that I liked the way they looked too. I’ve never had an encounter with another man but I now frequently fantasise about that… another cock in pretty knickers. I took the plunge. I shyly disclosed to my wife that I’d been shopping for underwear, not for her (this time), but for me. I told her how much more comfortable and sexy I found it to wear women’s underwear than men’s, which was all thick, and ugly, and plain. I told her how I loved the sense of transgression, how wearing lacy lingerie under my work suit was my way of holding on to the real me – sensual, authentic, risk-taking. She smiled and kissed me and took me to bed and stroked me through my silky knickers. And, in time, through Twitter, I eventually found a community of (first) men and (then) women too who more than accepted me – me, as a masculine, straight-acting, mature, conventional man who like to wear panties and wanted to be seen – they let me know that it was something they too loved and celebrated.

Violet Fawkes and @May_Matters feature prominently in this but, more than anyone else in the Twittersphere, @PosyChurchgate has been the one to make me feel… what?… courageous? Simultaneously exotically extraordinary and sublimely ordinary? I guess those are what she appears to be in my eyes too.

So, look upon us both – two friends, who don’t know each others’ real names, or faces, or where we live, or how old we are – and celebrate how we can share our secrets in a way that causes pain to no one and just brings a little more joy into the world.”


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    • p0sy


      Thank you my dear – I’ll have to find some pink lingerie so that (maybe) we can do a collaboration too xx

    • p0sy


      Thank you Violet – Jules wrote such lovely things. Made me feel a bit ‘misty’ too – testament that your meme is bringing folk together xoxo

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    • p0sy


      Yes it’s power is that it celebrates wearing lingerie, in a way that any person could participate.

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