This latex corset …

What can I say? I love it. The colour (my favourite) the tightness, the way it smooths my body yet enhances my curves.

When I put it on I feel so different, empowered and stern.

Teamed with very sheer dark grey stockings I think I look pretty bad-ass!

Purple being my favourite colour, the paddle I recently bought matches as does our flogger!

Putting my “Purple Arsenal” to work, I whipped my slave into submission, which was fun for both of us.


Unlike last time [I shared images of this corset] I have captured its glorious shine. It’s totally obvious what I’m wearing is made of delicious latex, with all the tight, constricted feels the material induces. Lucky me!


This post is linked up to #Lingerieisforeverybody Violet’s fun meme which celebrates every type of body wearing any underwear they enjoy (so an older woman trussed up in rubber fits right in!)  Click the link to see who else is participating.



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    • p0sy


      Big up my latex mentor! I hadn’t even thought of the ‘arsenal’ pun – it’s funny though, so thanks for noticing. x

  1. Vlad_Lioncourt


    Breathtaking. My favourite colour as well, and as for the rest, well, it belongs in a Victoria Secret catalog…

    • p0sy


      Thank you Marie, it seemed important to capture the sheen, makes the corset looks much sexier.

    • p0sy


      Thanks Naomi – it makes me feel younger and more slender, pulling everything in and making it firm!

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