The Diary Uncovered – Owed an Apology

This is the continuing story of a D/s couple living the lifestyle.  Rabbit (the submissive) keeps a secret diary to log her thoughts and feelings about some of her punishments.  She is unaware that her Dom finds it and reads it, using the ‘inside’ knowledge to his advantage.  
Each story is standalone, but if this grabs your attention, return to Part 1  and follow the thread.

Friday 13 September

Today I wore the first cherry, the pale lilac one which came in the set of three pussy weights which Sir bought me. He put it beside the underwear he selected for me, knickers of filmy fabric printed with butterflies in shades of purple and fuchsia, so everything matched! 

I coated the silicone fruit shape with lube before slipping it inside my pussy with my finger. It’s little stalk of silicone stayed outside my body and I could barely feel the cherry’s weight when I stood straight. If I bent over, or took a wide step, however, I sensed it’s density dragging inside me, reminding me to pull up with my pelvic floor muscles to hold it within. 

Kneeling before Sir as he sat and ate breakfast, fellating him, I felt very aware of the cherry inside me, not least because I got so wet. I was worried it might slide out of me then, but I also got so horny that I tensed and tightened frequently. 

I slid Sir’s cock right to the back of my throat. Even though it choked me, I kept going. Tears streaked my cheeks, but knowing that he’d feel the tightening of me gagging like a massage around his member kept me going.

“I’m coming Rabbit,” he warned. My signal to get ready to swallow. I don’t waste a drop. When his emissions spurted I kept gulping and sucking, taking every salty drop, a tribute to my oral skills.

He zipped himself and stood up, ready to leave for work.

“Bend at the waist girl,” he instructed. 

He pulled my knickers down. I felt his gaze on my smooth pussy, with a lilac tail protruding from it. I didn’t know what to expect, until he gave the cherry a gentle tug. I held it in place.

“Good Rabbit, keep this in until lunchtime. Do not cum.”

Then he kissed me goodbye, perhaps tasting his own cum still on my tongue, before leaving me home alone.

Monday 16 September

Sir put the lilac cherry out for me to wear again. White lace panties today. I don’t wear underwear all weekend. Sir likes easy access to me for touching, teasing, pinching and plundering.

The silicone coated weight slid in easily. Sir had used a dildo on me the previous day, the girth of which was quite a stretch. Pulling up my lace knickers and matching bralet I felt excited, knowing that the lace would chafe against my nipples. They were still tender from yesterday’s session.  I’d worn nipple clamps on a chain. Sir had me hold the chain between my teeth and pull, torturing my own nipples, but on his command. It was sexy AF in the moment, but now they were sore. I enjoy reminders of how we play.

I slid yoga pants and a long sleeved Tee over my white underwear, I wanted comfortable clothes to aid recovery.  Going about my chores, I filled the basket with laundry to wash. As I walked down the stairs I felt a heaviness, a movement in my pussy and realised, too late, the cherry was slipping out! I felt angry with myself for not having stronger muscles, a tighter control.

Stepping into the cloakroom I re-inserted the cherry, now slippery with my fluids and lube. It nestled inside me. I made extra efforts all morning to tighten and hold onto it. I want to pleasure Sir and that won’t happen if my muscles get too slack.

An up-side of working pelvic floor muscles constantly was that soon I had a nice buzz on. Just before making myself lunch, I withdrew the cherry, rinsing it clean for another day. I admired myself in the mirror, dark nipples easily visible through the lace of my bralet. My pussy was screened by the fabric of my panties, but inside they were slick with my cyprine emissions.

Dragging a finger through my slit, I shuddered at my sensitivity. My clit was throbbing. I longed to rub one out. Pressing my thighs together, I trapped my hand there and waited while the sensations rippled out. 

Sometimes it’s hard to be good. I get so horny. My mind wanders to the good loving Sir gives me where even his punishments, spankings and orgasm denial, are hot in their way. It was no good, my lust bubbled up, consuming my mind with desire. Sir wouldn’t be home for another two hours.

I flung myself on the bed, first digging around in our toybox for an item to focus on my clitoris. Sir owns all my holes, so perhaps giving myself a clitoral orgasm would break the fewest rules.  Lying on a towel I I removed my clothes and flung my panties aside. Holding the buzzing toy to the side of my sensitive bean, I bit my lip at its intensity. It burbled quietly making sensations flare and flash through me immediately, causing my abs twitch and tense.

Perhaps I chose this toy to punish myself, it makes me walk a knife edge between pleasure and anguish as my arousal builds. I experience hot/cold sensations in my labia. It’s sometimes too intense to hold the nozzle of the clitoral stimulator in place. As my body climbs towards orgasm I’m aware of tensing and straining in my legs and torso. I am on tiptoe and expecting to cramp up any minute. The yearning is intense and I’m racing towards the finish line.

Initially I plucked at my nipples, soon this devolves to pulling them long while twisting them with spiteful fingers. Thrusting my pelvis I crave my master’s length to fill me, to pound in and out til I feel bruised, stretched and owned. But this is a solo venture, I have no such satisfaction available. When finally I begin to throb and pulse at my peak I have an empty void. My pussy clenches with nothing to squeeze on. The waves of release flow through me nonetheless and I lie there enjoying the boneless sensation and tingles.

Later, when Sir comes home, I meet him by the door, kneeling in my submissive stance. I follow him into the lounge and settle at his feet so he asks about my day. I immediately confess my transgression. He looks at me sternly making my stomach do a broken elevator drop.

“Rabbit, you must know you’ve broken our rules.”

“Yes Sir, I apologise. I must suffer whatever punishment you see fit.”

“I need to think about this Rabbit. I’m disappointed.”

I hang my head. It wasn’t even a good orgasm.

“You know those cherry shaped kegel weights are to tighten MY pussy, to give ME more pleasure?” He looks sternly into my eyes.

“Yes Sir.” I dare not tell him that when he is severe, it gets me so turned on.

“Get me a drink slut.”

I hurry to comply, to demonstrate my use and obedience. When I return with his whiskey and soda, I settle at his feet.  Sir is silent, making me anxious.

“If you’re such a wanton slut, I will test you.” He takes a thoughtful sip. “I plan to discover how many orgasms you can have in one day.”

My stomach swoops. My heart thuds against my ribs. We’ve never tried this. It sounds punishing, which I’m sure is what he intends. 

“Bring me my tablet, I’m ordering a wand.”

As I move to locate the electronic device my mind is a flurry of unharnessed thoughts. I feel excited about purchasing a new toy, which I’ve heard brings great pleasure. Conversely I feel dread that the first time we use it, will be to excess. 

I do not speak as Sir clicks open a platform and places his order. I make myself useful in the kitchen. I prepare our evening meal, wearing my cutest frilly apron, but even that doesn’t raise a smile.

“Please Sir, may I apologise once more for my greedy, undisciplined behaviour?”

“You may Rabbit, and you have. This cannot be allowed to go unpunished. 

Let’s put it aside for tonight. Once the wand arrives, you may wish you hadn’t disobeyed.”

The weighted pelvic floor exercisers referred to in my story are Sh! Love Cherries, available from Sh! Womenstore.

The story is submitted for #WickedWednesday, click the link to see who else has shared their posts.  There is further excerpt from Rabbit’s diary here

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