Helping Hand (a Husband’s Fantasy)

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Tricia put down the papers she’d been proofreading all day. She removed her tortoiseshell glasses (he liked them, saying they made her look strict) and watched him for a moment. His feet were up on the sofa and his tablet rested on his knees while he scrolled, but soon he felt the weight of her gaze.


“Let’s go upstairs. Now.” 


She said it without urgency, but he responded immediately, putting the device to one side. She moved up the stairs ahead of him, a gentle swing to her hips which she  hoped he would admire. Once in the bedroom she began to unbutton her blouse. 


“Take your jeans off, get comfortable.”

He looked expectant as he hurried to remove jeans and socks, climbing onto the bed in undershorts which clung to his sculpted buttocks and thighs. 


Tricia moved confidently round the room, drawing the blinds before putting the lube and tissues on the bedside table. So far she’d only removed her skirt. Her unbuttoned top framed a matching bra and panties set, jewel bright against her pale skin. She felt his eyes on her, and expectations weighing heavy in the air, dampening the satin strip of her panties which sat snugly against her labia. She always enjoyed having the upper hand and his excitement was palpable.


Sitting beside him on the plump quilt she pumped clear lube into her hands then rubbed them together. The slick sound made lust twist lust inside her and she grasped his cock. Encircling it with her hand she began to pump gently, coating it with the clear lubricant.


Her subject sighed and bit his lip.


“You’re so sexy.”

“Relax, enjoy the view. This is all about your pleasure.” She smiled at him encouragingly.


“Aren’t we going to …?” 


“I’d rather concentrate on you.” 


She met his eyes while stroking his member, from base to tip, allowing his foreskin to slip fluidly with her movements. 


He caressed and cupped her breasts as she began her ministrations, his palm grazing over the fabric woke her nipples into alert points. Soon though, he leaned back and settled into the sensations. Lulled into haze of arousal by her insistent stimulation, his nerve endings were already singing like a choir. Fighting the feelings Tricia was awaking would be like trying to ski uphill. As her grip tightened, his focus shifted to his blood engorged manhood, delightfully swollen and straining for more attention.


Tricia swapped hands without losing her rhythm. Already she noticed subtle changes in his body language, his hips tilted and pumped very slightly, making him squirm. She watched flexes in the hard wall of his abdominal muscles, involuntary spasms signalling the building tension in his body. His eyes had drifted closed, but that was OK. 


She enjoyed the view, his cock stood stiff and proud from his body. He’d begun shaving himself recently, and she admired how that enhanced its length. It looked so alive, hungry somehow as it jutted from his groin to point skywards. The drools of precum were lost amid the lube she was using, but she knew by now they were there. Cupping his smooth balls, she squeezed gently until he groaned, pushing his crotch into her hand.


Time to bring this ship into shore, she mused gripping firmly. Cupping and pressing with one hand, she pumped harder and faster with the other. 


“C’mon baby, give it to me!” She coaxed him. Her velvety voice held a hint of steel.


Maintaining her more frenzied rhythm, she reached with her free hand to tease and tweak at his small dark nipples. A groan of pleasure escaped his slack mouth, and Tricia enjoyed a spike of lust in her core to have him at her mercy. Like a cat toying with her prey she watched him squirm in response to her alternately light and spiteful touches.


“Come on, you know you want to,” she pistoned him in her slippery grip.


His hips were bucking off the bed so she sensed his release was imminent. She pinched his nipple and pulled it taut, eliciting a groan of pleasure mixed with pain. Her own body was responding now, a slickness against her labia in response to his animalistic noises and the thrill of power play.


“Pinch your nipples,” she instructed him and he complied on auto pilot.


She swapped hands and began using lubricated fingers to stroke and press his perineum, gradually letting one work its way up to tease his anal whorl. Without penetrating, she nudged and pressed against his sensitive pucker while she fisted his cock with avengeance. 


His breath became laboured. He assaulted his own nipples while she teased him front and back. Suddenly jism came spurting from the tip of his penis. He decorated his abdomen with ragged strings of opaque fluid which signified a pleasurable climax as clearly as his groans of delight.


“Shit, that was intense Tricia,” he congratulated her, once his breathing regulated.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Look how far you came!” 


They both admired the trails of ejaculate which had landed just above his pecs.

“Not bad for an old geezer,” she teased him, which earned her a swatted behind as she got off the bed to wash the lubey mixture from her hands.


“I’m going to grab a shower.” He pulled her in for a kiss before heading into the bathroom.


Tricia smiled, then headed off to find her laptop and write some smutty prose, she was in the mood to create something hot and heavy now.


This story is submitted for #MasturbationMonday, the header image was sourced from Pixabay. Click the link to see the other posts linked up to this fun meme.


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