It’s the first Sunday of the month, so there’s a prompt, which is ‘H’

My title for this image is Hazy, as the morning sun is dispersed by a haze of mist which has caused a ground frost.

Husband and I have escaped for the weekend to a holiday lodge on a golf course. We are surrounded by beautiful views, all distractions and pressures stripped away.

We have the house to ourselves to go wet and wild in the bathroom or indulge in BDSM in the fabulous wrought iron bed!



Not the sexiest of images … why not click the link

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Sinful Sunday lips


  • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Where’s Posy!

    • Tied to the bed Elliott – I could only take a pic through the window!!!

  • Looks chilly ?

    • Yesterday it was, frost and fog. Today’s sunny.

      • Freezing here today…

        • Urgh!! Snuggling up weather then!xx

          • something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That is a beautiful view. Hope you enjoy the weekend!

    Rebel xox

    • Thanks Marie – this place rejuvinates us.

  • Have fun! It’s a beautiful view. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it.

    • Isn’t it peaceful? Thanks.

  • I think the image that is truly sexy is in our imagination. Don’t want to disturb you during while your trying to sink a 8-inch stroke into the 19th hole.?

    • You get it Francesca! Thank you x

  • Wow, what an atmosphere to capture!

    • Thank you – I loved the drama

  • Very subtle Posy – leaving us to our imaginations lol – and of course all of us are sex bloggers so we think dirty! xx

    • Thanks May – hurrah for dirty minds xoxo

  • Loved your reply to Elliott !!!
    And your photo implies it was much hotter in your bedroom.
    Wondeful !!!
    Xxx – K

    • Thanks K – It’s been a very hot weekend!

  • There is something very sensual about the image though and I think I would have had to dash out there and see if I could take a self portrait because it looks beautiful


    • Thanks Molly, I never know what makes a photograph good, but this one ‘felt’ dramatic.

  • I quite like this picture, sinful or not, here is something very mysterious to it. I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!

    • Hey Devie – until I saw the prompt it had the title Mist-erious!! We’ve had a great break, thank you.

  • Your photo is very atmospheric, as though everything is waiting in anticipation of you breaking the stillness with some hedonistic fucking.

    • Thanks Quinn, I think we might have done exactly that!

  • What a beautiful image, Posy <3 I hope you had a fantastic weekend f soaking each other up. I am very envious.. x

    • Thanks LSB – it’s been great to get some space & enjoy it. x

  • This is gorgeous Posy. I hope that you both had a wonderfully relaxing but especially kinky weekend away ?

    • Thanks missy – kinky images to follow! we’ve relaxed too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I love stark images of trees in winter. I don’t know why. They really appeal to me.

    • Me too – they give me the urge to sketch them! Thanks for kind comment.

  • There is something sexy about staying in bed on a cold, hazy morning.

  • Gorgeous x

    • Delighted you like it – thanks.

  • An absolutely breathtaking work of art, itโ€™s as if youโ€™ve caught the world take a breath and pause peacefully for a moment before the day must begin, gorgeous composition!

    • Thank you – a really lucky moment, but I rather like it too!

  • What a beautiful, ethereal image!

    • Thank you! I feel rather smug that what I saw was what I conveyed in my picture – not a given!

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