Beige Doesn’t have to be Boring!

At the top of her #LIFE meme this week, Violet called for more people to participate

Lingerie is for everyone and every body.

No matter your gender or sexuality, no matter the size or shape of your body, no matter your ethnicity, if you love lingerie, you are welcome to contribute to this link-up. Your lingerie doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, if it’s an undergarment that you feel good in, that’s all you need. 


Socks are lingerie right? In the venn diagram of undergarments, hosiery is lingerie and socks definitely qualify as hosiery!

Using my new scarf, I preserved my modesty, maintaining the focus on these sweet ankle socks trimmed with broiderie anglaise (lace).  Something about these ankle socks with high heels gets me feeling like a little girl who’s been allowed to play dress up with a grown-up’s shoes.

I should apologise for my pasty legs, but I decided this year I would shun fake tanning products.

These fabulous linen and leather strapped shoes are now stored away til the warmer weather,. They proved quite a hit on an earlier #SinfulSunday image so I thought I’d layer two more poses to create this shot.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll take time to look at other posts which have linked up to the Lingerie is For Everybody meme.




Lingerie is for everyone


17 thoughts on “Beige Doesn’t have to be Boring!”

  1. I love the adorable socks and pretty scarf. Fun picture! Winter is here, so I stopped using self tanner and I’m back to being pale. Though I was still pretty pale even with the tanner. Now I’m glow in the dark.

  2. Most def no need to apologise for pale legs! Embrace them <3 Posy, I love this shot – it's like a 2 for 1, a tease of the front and back! And I 100% get those vibes with laced socks and shoes x

    1. Thanks LSB – I thought you’d understand as we’ve talked about natural paleness before. Thanks, I was rather pleased with the 2 for 1 ghosting!

  3. You look fabtastic Posty. Lovely adorable lingerie. I’ve always adored ankle socks.
    I love pasty flesh. It appears healthier in my eyes. Especially after succumbing to the surgeons knife three times in recent years due to skin cancer. Not that I’ve ever been brown. Just red and freckly. xx

    1. Thank you Pons – cutie sexy perhaps? Yes I am rather paranoid about skin damage too, I hardly ever achieve a real tan either!

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