Let me tell you a story …

A long time ago I was a secretary, working in an office where people wrote memos, rather than e-mails, which were sent by internal mail. At that time I called my boss Mr Watson rather than Jim, although he used my first name.

Mr Watson would call me into his office daily to dictate the content of his correspondence which I took down in shorthand (I wrote 110 words a minute in my heyday).

Once I’d typed out my boss’ correspondence, I’d put it in between the blotting paper pages of a ‘signature’ book. He would sign his name in a florid style, before I sent the documents down to the post room for distribution.


My dressing up outfit is from Lovehoney (Dreamgirl Pinstripe Sexy Secretary).
Slipping into it and fastening my stockings to the suspenders, I grabbed my gold notebook (emblazoned with the logo ‘Bright Ideas’) and a pen to capture a few thoughts I’d had about stories I’m developing.

Nowadays to write, I sit down at my laptop (a neat little Chromebook). I type directly into a document, editing as I go. When I’m happy with it I copy & paste it into a new post of my blog. I  add my photos, links and tags then publish it from my blog – with never a need to print it on paper. I don’t need to ask anyone else to ‘sign off’. It’s my space, I can press publish.

I’m the boss now!


This image is submitted for #SinfulSunday, click the link to see the other impressive images being shared for week 450.


Sinful Sunday lips

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  1. Reply

    If i had someone to buy s3xy outfits for, that would defi iteky be on my shopping list!

    I too like the convenience that tech brings to writing, but there’s a profound pleasure to ne had from taking time with pen and pencil.

    • p0sy


      Thanks AM – you’re right, sometimes doing things the more traditional way brings its own satisfaction. I still enjoy writing my thoughts and points to jog my memory in pretty notebooks.
      It is indeed a cute/sexy dress up outfit – if you look at my post “waitress” you’ll see it has a cute frill at the back too. xx

  2. Reply

    And you certainly look the boss in that wonderful, sexy, outfit.
    Stunning photo !!!
    And I also remember short-hand, never quite reached your speed . . . but still enjoy using my hands from time-to-time !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Reply

    I loved reading about your secretarial days Posy. I equally love the incredibly sexy photo. What an outfit. Sign me up for dictation lessons immediately! x

    • p0sy


      Hehehee! Thank you Pons, I love reading about your days in and around the theatre -infinitely more interesting. Thanks for the kind words about my outfit xx

  4. Reply

    This is such a brilliant image of you. You look amazing in this outfit and I love your use of props to create the theme ?

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    • p0sy


      Super stoked to be included here, being picked for my images is always a bit of a surprise.

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  7. Naomi


    Haha! Lovely sexy outfit. I thought there was going to be a story involving you and Mr Watson! ?
    I have just found your blog. Its brilliant!

    • p0sy


      Oh thank you – very kind. I would have to get more fictional for that – I couldn’t imagine me and Mr Watson together!!

  8. Reply

    I’d advocate dressing up for all given the emerging acceptance of our gender plurality. I’m working on a Wonder Woman inspired piece and hope to share it within the next few weeks. Keep being who you want to be x

    • p0sy


      Thank you – you’re absolutely right. Ahhh Wonder Woman, now that costume from the 70s TV series was wonderful, I’d love to model that red corset and the tight blue shorts!
      Does anyone want to see that?!

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