Mx Nillin’s photo of Molly with a cum tribute


Having read a couple of the linked posts, and Mx Nillin’s great intro to #KotW, I feel more informed now on  a sop and the whys and hows, as well as the ethical dos and don’ts. I can categorically say I have never received one also I feel fairly confident that I wouldn’t get off on receiving one.

That’s not to say that I’m against people rubbing one out when they read my erotica. I think I’d be rather disappointed if I didn’t believe that my fictional erotic stories caused my readers get wet or get hard. I feel flattered at the concept they jerk off to my carefully crafted smutty words and scenes. This doesn’t mean that I want to be shown evidence of their lust. I don’t want to receive unsolicited pictures of engorged body parts or their emissions. Nice comments are welcomed as are re-tweets or pingbacks to my blog, those are the tributes for which I strive.


I get aroused when I read certain kinds of erotica. Sometimes it is the scenes, the power-play they depict which excites me; other times the descriptions of the attraction and the frisson between the two people is what gets my nether regions tingling. I might convert those feelings into some self pleasure, equally I’d enjoy the thrill without taking any action. 


Nowadays (as I’m a writer myself) I would email or tweet the author to tell them how much I liked their work. My tribute would be to write a good review or share the link on my blog, spreading the word to other readers.


I’m also happy when I receive positive comments about pictures which I post. Encouraging remarks received admiring my body, my underwear or the composition of the image boost my self esteem. I like giving positive feedback too, building and boosting the people with whom I interact. I believe, in general, we should pay each other more compliments. However, I would not appreciate getting explicit comments on what people would like to do to me. I am flattered to think my pictures excite passion in people, but I don’t want to see evidence or be told the specifics.


Mx Nillin explained that making unsolicited cum tributes could be construed as sexual harassment, so all of us should keep the correct perspective on our appreciation of those bold enough to share more intimate pictures. Many bloggers do this as a creative outlet, rather than a business. Their body is their own not their ‘brand’ and their privacy deserves respect.

I wrote a fictionalised version of a real life incident entitled Centrefold – as part of our play that day my b/f took pictures of me in all kinds of underwear for his own private use. That was fun, we both enjoyed ourselves. This was the 80s and it wasn’t our kink for him to wank over me so it never occurred to either of us for b/f to wank over those Polaroids and show me them decorated with his jizz.

In summary, I can see this as fun kink so long as all participants are willing. Molly eloquently described her feeling, both preparing for and receiving her cum tribute. I guess if my beloved wanted a picture of me to wank over, I could have fun taking a picture for him. If he showed me the liquid results from him enjoying the image, I predict I’d feel flattered and proud of what I’d inspired. Until we try the cum tribute kink, I won’t know! I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Reply

    I never even thought about it being something done within my relationship, I guess it won’t be something we’ll be doing any time soon if it didn’t even occur to me while writing about it!

    • p0sy


      I had never thought about it until I read the Kink prompt – not sure we’ll try it either.

  2. Reply

    Rest assured, Posy, aroused I get reading your fiction and semi-fiction. I love the pictures – they tell a story by themselves. What I do when I have a peak into your mind is for me to enjoy and you to guess. ?

    • p0sy


      The assurance is much appreciated Francesca; your blog has much the same effect on me! I wouldn’t pry into the workings of your fascinating mind but am glad to get you thinking xx

    • p0sy


      That makes total sense Molly, and your post conveyed this eloquently. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Bee


    This would work for me if I have a connection to the person, if not then no thanks. Like you, I like to know my blog is appreciated though.

  4. Nero


    Cum tributes are like dick pics – unless the person asks for one don’t send one. It would be terribly rude IMO to send one unsolicited, and makes the sender look like a sexpest.

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