Browsing through Twitter yesterday I noticed my virtual friend @Aguyinpanties sharing some hot pics of a black lace lingerie adventure he was having.

Mark has grown so much more confident, both in his poses and what he shares – he’s moved from stills to occasional videos. His collection of pretty panties is getting quite varied too. If (like me) you love the contrast between dainty underwear and a rugged, unashamedly male body, why not follow him?

His lingerie reminded me of some of my own knickers, so I invited him to collaborate for this week’s #LIFE prompt and show them off.


So here we are, displaying His ‘n’ Hers Black Lace Panties.




Mine are from Lovehoney – I’ve shared them before as they are hella comfortable!  I can wear them all day and forget about them, secure in the knowledge that under my clothes I look sexy and cute.  You’ll see from what Mark says, that wearing pretty underwear one can forget about is missing the point for his kink!



“I love collaborating with Posy and it was so much fun to share similar images. Posy looks amazing in black lace knickers so it’s a pleasure to be ‘by her side’ here!

These panties are a particular favourite of mine as they’re very cosy round/in my bum cheeks and I enjoy a glorious chafing that’s stimulating without being irritating.”

Mark and I have a long history of collaboration. He has been a guest writer on my blog

Guest Writer : Peek-a-Boo

Santa Baby : Guest Post


And our discussions over what fuels his kink have sparked other longer stories which I have written.

Men in Black Panties was the first, springing from an interview which I did with him for #KotW. This was his own account of his first full day wearing women’s underwear.


It seems Violet (whose meme it is) was thinking along the same lines as me – encourage every type of body to show us how they wear their lingerie. Visit the link to like and share what others are posting.


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  1. Jacques


    I love this! Such a sweet way to show that lingerie really is for everyone. (And black lace on pale skin is always a winner for me … mmm….)

    • p0sy


      Thank you! You’re quite the connoisseur of ladies’ u/wear too, so I’ll be knocking on your door soon my friend.

  2. Reply

    This is brilliant Posy. I love that you both worked together in this and both so stunning in black lace panties ?

    • p0sy


      Thanks missy – I am always delighted how kind people are with collaborations. We both had fun.

    • p0sy


      Thanks Violet! – he is such a sport to join in, we both love to show off our undies on your meme!

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