Getting Caught in my Web?

Yesterday I had a fabulous day out with a true Sister in Smut – Miss Eve Ray!

We met at St Pancras Station at the Champagne Bar – what a decadent start to the weekend! This epitomises how I think of Eve, because she is devoted to injecting a shot of fun into everything. She also loves retro – not just the clothes but classic films of yesteryear.  So sipping champagne alongside trains waiting to  speed passengers to Paris had me thinking of b/w films like Brief Encounter and Some Like it Hot.

I always dress up a bit when I’m meeting Eve – she oozes glamour so I must ‘keep my end up’. I wore a black knitted dress with an flared skirt and 3/4 sleeves over these fabulous cobweb tights. As it was cold I teamed them with flat boots (because we had a fair bit of walking to do).


We took a train to Camden and visited the Vagina Museum which opened that day in its new permanent location in the stable part of the market. It was smaller than I expected but the footfall was encouraging. The exhibition busts myths about the vagina and duff contraceptive advice. There are 3-D exhibits and panels of information to read, accompanied by a tour and merchandise to purchase.

Our day of fun and friendship wrapped up when we met up with fellow sex bloggers in a pub a few streets off the tourist track. Over drinks and doughnuts we talked about writing for the Smutathon, bold hair colour and female voice intonations.

I’m so happy to be caught in this web of like-minded people.


To see who else is participating in #SinfulSunday check out this link


31 thoughts on “Getting Caught in my Web?”

    1. Thanks LSB – it was such fun, and the folks at the pub were awesome bloggers too. There are lots of us who wish you were close enough to join in too xoxo

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