~ Let me take a selfie ~

When my man’s away, I like to give him reminders of what he’s missing.

He may be surrounded by younger women, available females. It’s not a bad idea to remind him what’s waiting for him when he comes home.

I buy my own lingerie, because I like to surprise him with it, and he wasn’t very good at choosing things I liked. I had to return a few red, flimsy items trimmed with marabou feathers in the early days of our relationship.

He loves my boobs, and he’ll be drooling over how great they look in this particular two-piece. The halter-neck style of the bra-lette means a black lace panel to hold them and seems to emphasise their curves.

The panties area great shape, wider at the sides and good butt coverage. I love the ribbon detail at the front, lacing them up … or not … for the tease.

I’ve even slipped on some heels for this. I like how they make my legs look and he likes it when I’m as tall as him.



I wonder if others send your lovers selfies. Perhaps you create folders of pictures for their eyes only. Chatting with other bloggers, and some whose partners earmark certain pictures as being ‘for their eyes only’. I can relate to this and I listen to what my man says, but in the end its my body and this blog is my space in which to express myself.

With this image, I’m representing bodies with scars, any of us who are starting to have hot flushes and my message is continue to love yourself. Remember you are sexy, indulge in self pleasure, maintain intimacy with your partner. Use any amount of sex toys, erotic reading matter or films to help, and lube – find some that has neutral PH and is water based then use it liberally.


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Other shots of this underwear, which I purchased from Amazon, are here.




Lingerie is for everyone

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  1. Reply

    I send pics to MrH that never appear on my blog lol and he sends them back that again are not shared lol but you look beautiful in that lingerie ?

    • p0sy


      It’s the kind of secret which bonds, putring sexy on ‘simmer’ until you’re together again isn’t it Jupie?

  2. violet


    I love this post! Your body language literally says “Hmmmmm ….see what you’re missing?” which is obviously perfect for your purposes! That’s also a stunner of a set, black lace is my favourite.

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