This is a silly adult dress-up costume, with a lovely little ruffle at the back. I think I look like a waitress (although most people who serve food wear a few more clothes!) Any excuse to wear sozzies and suspenders and I’m in (like Flynn!)


Hi there guys – my name is Posy, and I’ll be your server today.

Do you see anything you like?


Shared for SinfulSunday – why not visit the meme to see the other linked images



Sinful Sunday lips





25 thoughts on “Waitress”

    1. Ha Ha! Great stuff – this photo was taken in the same session as the “cold hands” dialogue I wrote for “He Likes the Girls” so … fun waited til the pics were taken πŸ˜‰

  1. Yes, you can be my waitress, any day. Oh, I’m not sure what sozzies are? (must be one of those funny terms the British use, why can’t they just speak English like us?)

    1. Hey Elliott, I’m imagining working in an american diner where they serve slices of pie, and I’d keep coming over to refil your coffee cup in my stockings (sozzies is UK slang for them) xx

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