A Sausage Sizzling SoSS

In the UK the night air is smoky from bonfires and fireworks. In the grip of autumn, days are getting colder while leaves are falling from the trees.

Tall socks are fall socks!


To start this sharing post with a bang – let’s observe LuvBunny getting in touch with her Inner Goth.  So glad to see Luv Bunny back in her blogging groove.


I was the judge for #WickedWednesday this week. It’s a hell of a task as all the entries are so very varied in talented content and style. Check out which posts I selected as my 3 favourites 


With this image Vanillafreesex proves that sexy and sweet don’t contradict 


His Lordship treats us to a piece of erotic fiction that is sharply observed and bittersweet 


Zero writes a very sexy, insightful account about a Thursday afternoon 


Floss considers a re-set of her life and the path she travels 


melody’s trans identity rant makes me want to stamp my feet & cheer 


Molly paints five scenarios of decadent deviance 


Mrs Jones gets distracted by big hands, I love her irreverent thoughts


Here is a before and after I’m so glad I witnessed. Violet’s original post was sexy and teasing. The other side of Mx Nillin’s coin is climactic




The #f4tF prompt was faking orgasms so Woody shared his experiences 


Francesca immerses herself in humiliation as a kink 


This week I was ranked in Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers. This makes me feel both validated and grateful to those who nominated or voted for me.

On Pillow Talk this week:

#LIFE I shared pictures of OTK socks and leaves

#f4tF on faking it, I vented about past selfish lovers


4 thoughts on “A Sausage Sizzling SoSS”

    1. Kind of you SE – great content from you. I can’t ever take these rankings for granted, always grateful.
      Yes check out the links, then my SoSS is doing it’s job!

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