On Tiptoe – Autumn Edit

This week for the LIFE# meme I enlisted my OH’s help with taking some pictures on autumnal theme.

I gathered these leaves on a brisk, windy walk but there was no way I was going to strip off any layers outside. So I came back home and snuggled into these lovely long black socks which come well over the knee (cos at 5’4″ I’m not very tall).

I went to the same place where I’ve been gathering chestnuts. At this time of year their very spiky outer coating splits open when they fall from the tree so you can ease out the plumpest without too much pain. When I was a kid we had an open fire. My father would roast them in a cast iron pan punched with holes. Now he lives in a more modern house  he toasts them under the grill – waiting till he hears the skin burst open.

Does anyone else use what they find in the wild to eat or drink? Blackberry crumble or sloe gin perhaps?

I also Tweeted this picture for @SMUTProject’s November Sock Competition



19 thoughts on “On Tiptoe – Autumn Edit”

  1. I was thinking of dragging in some leaves for some photos, now I feel a little less crazy if I do it ?. Personally I prefer the longer socks look and those hearts and spades pair still looks ace!

    1. Props dah-ling! (yeah I felt faintly crackers doing it too!!) Thank you – I luuurve long socks and felt ace wearing them!

  2. I love, love, love this. I’m a sucker for cute girls in cute socks, but the LEAVES! This is my first Autumn in Mexico, where the leaves don’t change colors like I’m used to. I’ve very much enjoyed the sexy Fall photos I can drool over for all the reasons lol

    1. Thank you nikki – not only for referring to me as cute but for loving the season changes that signal autumn – I love them too!

  3. Beautiful autumnal scene, and sexy legs! I used to have lots of blackberry bushes near me, and we would occasionally pick a couple of bowls full, but we would always end up guzzling them on the walk home so there was never much left for creative cookery!

    1. Thanks Jupie – I wish I were brave enough to have taken the pics outdoors, it’s so beautiful with all the autumn colours. I really enjoy it on my morning and evening walks. That’s also when I pick my blackberries, I make a mean blackberry & apple crumble.

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  5. Awesome socks Posy! Knee-high socks are a must now the chill is here
    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire sounds like a lovely memory. Does grilling still give the same taste?

    1. Thanks LB – I love ’em, have just bought a new pair! I’m not a lover of roasted chestnuts but my Dad & brother have been enjoying them, so I guess the taste is still pretty good!

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