The Road Not Taken

I can tell you about the road not taken which has probably moulded my life the most – but it wont be sexy!

I’ve written before about attending boarding school, and I probably made it pretty clear that I didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t wait to come back to my family. The lasting effect of this was that when I had the opportunity to go to university, my reaction was in the negative. I hated the idea of living away from home for another 3 years. I missed the point entirely that I’d be independent at university, the master of my own destiny and timetable.ย  All I could think was that, if I attended a local college instead, I could live at home while studying.

I wanted to be a journalist and I thought all I needed was to learn to type and write shorthand (I know! niaive of me – a degree in English would’ve taken me a lot further).

So I gained a qualification in secretarial and office skills. I could take shorthand at 100 wpm back in the day. I learned how to type on a manual typewriter, which needs 2lb of pressure on every key. For audio typing classes we used headsets made of plastic tube with a scrap of tissue paper wrapped around the bit that went into our ears (hygiene of sorts). I learned about making copies of documents using a Roneo Vickers machine (because photocopiers were in their infancy) and to make file copies of documents typed, we used carbon paper.

I gained office experience by temping, and my first job was in the claims department of a company whose products were plastic:ย  buckets, brushes, bowls etc. In my career I have evolved from clerk to secretary to PA to administrator. Unfortunately I never had a job which gave me the chance to be ‘creative’ with my words. My plan to be a journalist was half baked at the time and I don’t think I had the confidence or the drive to be a good news hound, although I like to think I could’ve become a magazine journalist given the right breaks.

What I discovered in 2016 was that I could write, and people wanted to read the words I wrote. Maybe the audience for erotica and sex related articles is more generous and forgiving than for other types of writing, and that’s the reason I have been able to reinvent myself as a sex blogger. I think what’s more likely is that, with the internet as our platform, many new writers (like me) are finding a voice and equally, their audience can find them.

So when I helped my kids choose their A level options, and accompanied them on visits to universities they wanted to attend, I’ll admit felt sadness that I hadn’t travelled the path to further education myself. I can’t allow myself too many regrets. A different path taken would mean that I wouldn’t have met my OH/their Dad and I wouldn’t have them in my life.

One thing I can say for sure is I’m grateful that I discovered blogging and this wonderful community. I’ve got the determination now and the drive to make my mark with my writing. So many people I have come to know are happy to share their skills and connections, which encourage me to improve and find places in which to showcase my creativity.



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9 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken”

    1. Lol indeed May! Honestly – No!
      I also enjoy the autonomy of it being my blog – my space to say / share what I like – I might not like having to please an editor!

    1. Yes, writing my blog over last couple of years has made this point strongly for me. Thanks so much for your support Jupiter.

  1. I’m the type of person who believes that when a door closes, a window opens (or something like that) so while you may not have gone down your original path, that *might* be the reason you’re here now, and for that I think we’re all quite thankful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Kayla – I’m flattered to hear that. I too feel when a plan doesn’t come off, there is a reason behind it or a better opportunity waiting, so I remain optimistic. I love what I’m doing now, so not too many regrets ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. No other path through life would have lead to you becoming the person you are now, so perhaps it’s all for the best. It’s certainly great to have you here and be able to read your wonderful, thoughtful writings.

    Of course, it’s also never too late to go back to university. I know a lot of people who got WAY more out of doing a degree by coming to it later on in life when they’d figured themselves out a little.

    1. Thanks for this comment, what you say is right and very kind/encouraging.

      My OH keeps saying I could go back & study … we’ll see.

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