Sexy Socks from Camden

This week for #LIFE week 41 I am sharing another fabulous pair of long socks.



I love these, I bought them last year when I met up with @badhareart  in Camden last autumn. This intrepid blogger, (a.k.a. Indigo Byrd) who I’ve followed for more than 2 years, came to the UK from Australia to visit art galleries, ancient churches and to trace her family roots.

She made time to meet up with several bloggers on her trip to Europe, and I was fortunate enough to be one. We had a great time browsing all the quirky wares for sale in the old horse market. One shop we couldn’t pass without perusing sold every kind of hosiery you could imagine: stockings, tights and socks.

Indie was drawn to the ‘witchy’ style tights with hoops of colour, which she models beautifully in this image from her recent blog post. (She also bought those stunning swirly earrings on the market that day).

I couldn’t leave without these beauties in red, black and white. They tap into my love of Alice in Wonderland, and of course I adore the look of an OTK sock.

I’ve written an ‘Alice’ story which you can read here, and Floss wrote some fiction inspired by these pictures too.  I also featured long socks in Rabbit’s 3rd diary entry.

I feel fabulous in these socks, so expect to see images of them again! I’d love to hear what sort of socks make you feel fabulous – I know lots of you guys rock socks to feel sexy.




20 thoughts on “Sexy Socks from Camden”

  1. These are amazing! I had a pair of panties that had the card suits symbols on them and i wore them until they fell apart.

    1. Thanks Violet – I adore them too, I need to take some more pictures wearing them with other lingerie. I love putting looks together for your meme.

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  3. A great time was had by all. Meeting my lovely fellow bloggers was such a highlight! Great to see you rocking those socks so wonderfully! Thanks for the mention too. 🖤🖤🖤

    1. Absolutely Indie – just that one day spent together puts you firmly on my ‘Friends for Life’ list – you’re such a fascinating lady with a contagious hunger to explore xx

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