I’m Rocking the Stockings


Anyone who views my pictures on a regular basis knows there is something different here.  Can you tell? No selfie stick!  My usual “photographic assistant” took a coffee break while Mr Churchgate kindly helped me.

I’ve also enlisted the help of my blogging friend Jupiter Grant for this week’s post. I’m featuring some of the fab poems from her book:

Poe-rotica : 101 Saucy & Erotic Poems can be purchased from Amazon, why not follow the link and treat yourself.


A little glimpse of stocking
Is such a sexy sight!
A lacy panel and some silk
Make for a sexy night.
The next time you are on a date,
I recommend you try
Some stockings and suspenders
And a naughty flash of thigh.


Another friend and fellow blogger Little Switch Bitch was very complimentary about this underwear (which featured in last week’s #SS post) – she wanted to see more, so I’m obliging.


Black Lace on White Sheets

She lay on the bed,

Anticipating his touch.

Black lace on white sheets.





19 thoughts on “I’m Rocking the Stockings”

  1. Gorgeous image, Posy. You are absolutely rocking the stockings indeed. Those knickers are fantastic, too. Thank you for including my poetry. I’m very flattered to accompany your beautiful picture ?

    1. Aww you’re making me blush. Thanks Jupie but I’m the one honoured to be alongside your great poetry, love how it can be sexy and fun.

  2. You rock stockings like no one else! Gorgeous shot and I love the inclusion of Jupiter’s poetry too, just a perfect combination! I like how you look like you’re dancing, or being a little shy with those toes too, a really endearing pose well captured!

  3. Thank you very much, Posy for obliging <3 I am very jealous of Mr Churchgate as you look absolutely incredible in that set <3 YOu have incredible legs, Posy – I am most def certain I have said it previously but if I haven't then, sorry – I should have! More please Xx

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