Channelling My Inner Bridget Jones



I love Bridget Jones, the books and the films


As a slightly clumsy, unlucky in love posh girl (until I met my Darcy in Mr Churchgate) I can totally relate to the haphazard life she lives.

To flex my writing skills, I had a stab at writing an eroticised homage to the portion of the first book where Bridget falls under Daniel Cleaver’s spell.

(names have obvs. been changed to protect me from a lawsuit!)

I’m sharing a snippet of Joni Bridges Diary Part 1 & Part 2 – I hope you’ll follow the links to read the story I created in full.

If my version became a book, I thought this image would make  a great cover!



4-1-17  a m : at work

OMG – just received an email from Dan Clover!  Was trying to sneakily up-date my CV without my bossPerdita noticing.  My first guilty thoughts were that he’d somehow spotted that I wasn’t up-dating spreadsheets, but on opening it – seems he’s not thinking about work either!


To: J Bridges             From:  D Clover

You appear to have forgotten your skirt.  Contract of employment clearly states that: staff are expected to be fully clothed during working hours.



Lol – no mistaking the flirty banter, I felt a twinge in the knicker region.  Peeked over my monitor, Perdita was still on phone and Dan in his office on a conference call, in fact he seemed so absorbed I wondered could anyone have prank-sent the e-mail? but there was no mistake, he was logged onto his computer.


With a thumping heart I typed a reply, lighting the touchpaper.


To: D Clover            From:  J Bridges

Am appalled by your message.  Whilst I don’t dispute my skirt being on the skimpy side, it is undeniably present and will remain so until close of business today.



Waiting with baited breath for his reply, I watch through the glass wall of his office for reaction, thrilled with my audacity.  I squeeze my legs tightly together, feeling a tickle of excitement in my pussy. Dan is so hot and looks particularly tasty today, his sky blue shirt accentuating his penetrating eyes.  My mind wanders to imagining what his pecs and abs look like under that shirt, does he go to the gym to keep in shape, or just a lucky bastard? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed how firm and sculpted his bum looks in his …


“Joni, are you listening to me?”  Perdita’s posh, nasal, voice breaks into my reverie, snapping me back into the present. 

“Sorry, what?”

“I’ve just had an email from Dan about you.”  


Whaaaat?  Fuck, Fuck and fuckity fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have flirted back.  Try to rein in panic, keep face blank.


6-1-17  a m : at home

Alcohol units:  0  Am sensibly resting, weekend likely to be heavy.
Orgasms:   1  : Had raunchy dream about Dan Clover making me take minutes of his meeting naked, with my feet tied to a chair and a vibrator pressed to my pussy lips.  
Felt a wonderful warm throbbing feeling accompanied by buzzing, woke up moist, lying on my phone which was vibrating with incoming messages!  
Argh ‘Buzz Kill!’  First message was from Mum.  She’s suggesting I meet that lawyer guy  in a wine bar!  As if!  [delete]
Another was from Dan Clover!  Yikes! Feels invasive getting a text from him in my bedroom, while wearing teeny shorts and a crop top, having woken from a dirty dream about said manager!  
Anyway – DC wants me to grab him a caramel latte on my way into work, then join him for a 1:1.  
Oooh yes please! Will wear clingy jersey dress today, with those boots that kill, but are spike heeled and sexy. Must convince him I am smart, efficient and not to be trifled with.e]

at work

Meeting with Dan went well!  
Definitely caught him ogling my cleavage as I leaned forward to put our Starbucks cups on the desk; this so distracted me, I drank too soon and burnt my lip!  Almost said “Fuck” but adjusted it to “For goodness sake!”  Don’t want to be in front of HR for misconduct!
Went over all the details of the client meeting.  Dan wants me to be there (woo hoo!)  Not just admin, but for entire meeting to listen and observe the deal discussions and join in with small talk.
I can do that, am Googling current affairs from news websites right now! Wish I understood the difference between a soft and a hard Brexit!
On leaving Dan’s office, I turned back to with one last question and caught him checking out my ass!  Definitely!  His eyes were glued to my rear!
Thank goodness I’d worn those big, stretchy knickers which flatten the tummy while lifting and separating one’s butt cheeks! I’m no Nicki Minaj, but my booty was looking fine, and Dan was looking and liking!  He didn’t leave his office for at least 15 minutes after I closed the door!


This image is submitted for  #MasturbationMonday because getting off is fun and good for you!

If you liked my story and want to read it full, the links are above.


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  2. I admit I’m not familiar with Bridget Jones, but I did love this post. The line “making me take minutes of his meeting naked, with my feet tied to a chair and a vibrator pressed to my pussy lips” gave me some delicious, squirmy feels. Such wonderful writing!

    1. Oh Wow Quinn! That is high praise indeed, am glad you invested in it!
      Please my lovely find out about delicious Bridget Jones – the first book to be written entirely in the format of e-mails and diary entries (I believe) – ! & 2 of the books or films are great!!

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    1. Thanks Isa – here’s hoping you approve of my fan fiction, I had a lot of fun writing it but felt pressure to do a favourite book justice.

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